MovieStarPlanet February 2019 Movie Competition Winners

MovieStarPlanet is one of the most popular virtual worlds out there for children and teenagers. In this world, you can dress up your Hollywood avatar as you try to move up the ladder of fame. The goal is to become as famous as you can. There are games you can play, ways to chat with friends, movies you can make, and a lot of other cool things you can do in MovieStarPlanet. You can play this game using the free membership option or you can get the VIP membership. The paid membership comes with many perks and benefits, including the premium currency known as Diamonds.

One thing that you can do on either the free membership or the paid membership is to participate in the weekly movie competitions. Simply follow the theme of the movie, upload a high-quality movie submission, and hope you are one of the three winners. Winners of the movie competition get cool rewards, such as Diamonds, VIP days, and even StarCoins. Every week there is a new movie competition, which is cool because it allows for people to participate all of the time.

There are often times holiday themes associated with the movie competitions. Other times, the theme is something going on in the world or inside of the game world itself. We wanted to tell you which movies were available for you to submit a movie towards right now. Even if you have won before, you can still submit a movie for the movie competition. So do not worry if you won a long time ago, because you are still able to win one of these movie competitions. Along with that, we will tell you who the latest winners are for the movie competitions.

MovieStarPlanet Movie Competition Winners for February 2019

Old MSP Competition– The movie competition that is open on MovieStarPlanet right now is Old MSP movie competition. This movie competition still has six days to go before the submissions close. This means that you will still have a lot of time to submit your movie if you have not already. Remember, stick with the theme in order to have the best chance to win one of the three spots.

This means using props, accessories, and clothing items that go with Old MSP. The winners will be announced within the next couple weeks. We wanted to tell you about this open movie competition just in case you have not submitted your movie for it yet. Even if you have already won a movie competition, you can still enter to win.

Dark Waters– The Dark Waters movie competition just ended for submissions. They are still voting on the winners, which should take about 2 more days. We will let you know once the winners have been announced. It should be within the next week when we know who won this movie competition. All of those that submitted a movie for Dark Waters have a great chance to win, but there were thousands of entries submitted for this movie. That means competition was stiff and even some of the best movies will not win. We wanted to say good luck to everyone who already submitted a movie for this movie competition.

Cherry on Top– The three winners of the Cherry on Top movie competition have been announced on MovieStarPlanet. In first place we have “STALKED on Valentine’s Day” by Modelhana. The first place winner was really good and stuck to the theme with a unique angle. This winner will get 14 Diamonds, 14 days VIP, and 3,000 StarCoins. We wanted to say congratulations to the first place winner because this movie was highly impressive and we loved the overall theme and premise of the movie.

In second place was “The Mime Wants Some Cherries” by HarryPotterfan240. Second place earns 7 days VIP, 7 Diamonds, and 2,000 StarCoins. This was a very good movie and we loved the theme and how unique the angle was for this Cherry on Top MovieStarPlanet movie competition. If you want to see a very high-quality movie submission, check out this one right now. We extend a congratulations to the second place winner for this high-quality submission.

In third place was “Dress Disaster” by Rawrzie. We wanted to say congratulations to the third place winner as this was a pretty amazing movie. Third place will get 1,000 StarCoins, 3 days VIP, and 3 Diamonds. This movie was really good and we thought should have made it to the first or second place position.

First Kiss– The winners of the First Kiss movie competition have been announced too. The first place winner was “School Love” by ette7. We wanted to say congratulations to the first place winner, as they had a really good movie. The first place winner will get 14 days VIP, 14 Diamonds, and 3,000 StarCoins. First Kiss was a really good movie and everyone should go watch this to know what a first place movie looks like for the MovieStarPlanet movie competitions. We wanted to say congratulations to the first place winner because so many submissions were awesome.

In second place for the First Kiss movie competition was “Comp” by BriantheSmartMAN. Second place will get 2,000 StarCoins, 7 days VIP, and 7 Diamonds. We wanted to say congratulations to the second place winner, we know how hard he worked at getting this amazing movie ready.

In third place was “My First Kiss” by GalaxyGabbie1238. Third place will get 1,000 StarCoins, 3 days VIP, and 3 Diamonds. Third place is still really good as we know how hard this person worked to get a high-quality movie ready for this movie competition. If you would like to see what a great movie looks like, then check out the third place winner. We know how hard everyone worked on these movies, so we wanted to again, say congratulations to everyone who won the movie competitions in February 2019. The quality of these movie competitions just keep getting better with time as people learn how to make a unique movie with an interesting angle to the theme.

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