MovieStarPlanet December 2019 Movie Competitions & Winners

MovieStarPlanet is one of the best games out there for children that involves an online virtual world. In this game, you can use your movie star avatar to make movies, play games, chat with friends, and so much more. This is a great game because you can play either on the free membership or you can get the VIP membership. The VIP membership offers you more benefits such as premium in-game currency, special items in the store, more accessories, and more ways to decorate your movie star home. This virtual world allows you to climb your way up the movie star ladder and become an A-list celebrity.

One thing you can do regardless of which membership option you have is enter to win the weekly movie competition. There are three winners each week for the movie competition, and you will earn cool prizes depending on which spot you won. We thought we would tell you all about the latest MovieStarPlanet movie competition winners and which movie you can submit to this week. Even if you have won a previous movie competition on MovieStarPlanet, you can still enter and win on the next one!

MovieStarPlanet Movie Competitions & Latest Winners for December 2019

Christmas Shopping- The Christmas Shopping movie competition is open. You can enter right now to win one of the three winning spots. We will not know about the three winners for a few more weeks. The Christmas Shopping movie competition is going to be open for the next week, so it will be at least two weeks after that when the winners are announced. We wanted to say good luck to everyone who enters the Christmas Shopping competition on MovieStarPlanet. Even if you have won in the past, no worries as you can still win again by entering this new movie competition.

Northern Lights– Submissions are now closed for the Northern Lights movie competition. The winners will be announced within the next couple weeks. We wanted to tell everyone good luck who entered this movie competition. There are always a lot of submissions for the movie competitions and this Northern Lights movie competition was no different. We are hopeful that we will know the winners next week, although we suspect it could be a little longer than that. Good luck to all of those who entered and we will tell you within a couple weeks who those three lucky winners were.

December Rares- The December Rares movie competition has been closed and the winners were just announced. There were so many submissions to this movie competition that picking only three winners was definitely difficult. In first place was Pixi Stole Santa by Ice Age Lover. In second place was Crazy Teens pt.3 or pt. 2 by EvetheNiceOne. In third place was the movie submitted by Lele Pons Cheating Test. We wanted to say congratulations to all of the winners of the December Rares movie competition.

The first place winner will get 14 days VIP, 14 Diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins. Second place will get 7 days VIP, 7 Diamonds, and 2,000 gold coins. The third place winner will get 3 days VIP, 3 Diamonds, and 1,000 gold coins. We wanted to say congratulations once again to these three winners. If you did not win this movie competition, do not give up! Submit your movie every week to have a better chance of winning. Remember, stick to the theme and use accessories and props that go with the theme to help improve your odds of winning.

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