MoviestarPlanet Account Password Tips

MovieStarPlanet is a really neat virtual game for kids where they can go online and use movie-star avatars to create and star in movies. Each movie you make gives you the opportunity to become more famous and earn autographs and fame. You can play MovieStarPlanet on either a free membership or a paid membership. The paid membership gives you access to more perks such as free StarCoins and Diamonds as well as more autographs and outfit choices in the store.


While MovieStarPlanet might be a really fun game for children, where they can interact with others, play games, chat, create movies and do many other things, there are some things you need to do in order to keep your account safe in the process. Keeping your account safe often revolves around ensuring your account is not hacked or taken over by a spammer. The biggest part of account safety is actually about keeping your password secured, so we will mostly be talking about password safety and how to make a good strong password.

If you have been playing MoviestarPlanet or you are thinking about playing the game, you might want to continue reading to learn about how to keep your account safe while enjoying uploading movies and winning the movie competitions. If you follow these tips you will be able to enjoy all that MoviestarPlanet has to offer without worrying about your account being hacked, scammed, spammed or your MoviestarPlanet account being banned due to someone doing something bad on your account.

MoviestarPlanet Account Password Tips

Never Use Real Names- When you are creating your password you want to never use a real name in it because that can be too easy to guess. You do not want to use a real last name or first name in your password, whether it is your name or the name of a famous actor you like. Using names in your password, especially of someone you know, is a good way to get your account hacked since it is fairly easy to figure out.

Choose Combinations of Letters & Numbers- When you make your password on MoviestarPlanet, you want to also use combinations of numbers and letters. You do not want to use just letters in your password because that is usually obvious and makes it easier for hackers or spammers to get into your account. You want to use numbers in your password either in the middle or at the end if at all possible. An example would be “starco11n” or “starcoin923” because adding numbers, especially more than one number, just makes the password more secure and less likely to be hacked by bots or spammers.

Don’t Use Your Username- Some people out there use part of their username in their password, and often times these are the people being hacked or having account issues at some point. Using part of your username in your password is never a good idea and can be one of the most obvious aspects to your password to someone trying to get into your account. You do not want to use part of your username in your password regardless of whether it is your username for MoviestarPlanet or another game or even just your email.

Never Give Out Your Password- You might think it is okay to give your password out to friends or family members but that is not accurate. You do not want to give your password out to anyone no matter who it is or who is asking you. The only person you might tell your password to would be your parents, just in case they need it to check up on what you are doing in the game. Even then, you might want to just login to your account for them if they want to look instead of telling them your password. Never tell your password to anyone online in exchange for items or free gifts, especially in games like MoviestarPlanet because this is something that a hacker or scammer will ask for and tell you that you will get something from them in exchange. No matter who is asking you or why they are asking, your password is to be kept secret because it can get in the wrong hands, even accidentally, and cause real problems for you and your account.

Never Use Common Phrases- When you make a password on MoviestarPlanet, you never want to use a common word or phrase in your password. A common word or phrase might be something like “on fleek” or “felicia” and these types of words, slang or not, should not be part of your password. Common words or phrases are often some of the easiest to guess for hackers or scammers, so stay away from anything that would be considered common or obvious. This also goes for common words or phrases in games, such as “dens and gems” and “autographs” or other types of phrases you might find in MoviestarPlanet or other games as those are also easy to guess.

Never Reuse Passwords– Sometimes you might need to change your password in MoviestarPlanet, and if you do then never reuse a password you have used already either on the game or on another website. If you are asked to change your password or want to change it on your own, make it something new and unique and that has been used nowhere else before, even if you used the password years ago on an old email account. Always start off with a new password that you have just created because old recycled passwords from previous password changes are targets for hackers who might have access to that old information.

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