Movie Star Planet Tips for Earning Starcoins

Movie Star Planet is a really fun game where you can enter into a virtual world and make movies to become a virtual Hollywood star. Whether you have a free membership or a VIP membership, you can do many different things in Movie Star Planet. In this game, you are awarded Starcoins, which is the in-game currency, and these Starcoins can be used to purchase clothing and other items that you will need for your movies and avatar.

You might be new to Movie Star Planet and wondering what the best ways are to earn these Starcoins, since they are so vital to Movie Star Planet and the shop. Look no further because we are going to be telling you some of the best ways that you can earn Starcoins, and this will help you have more fun in the game and also be more successful overall in terms of making friends and movies.

Tips For Earning Starcoins on Movie Star Planet

Always Spin the Coin Wheel- Whether you are playing Movie Star Planet on the free membership or VIP membership, you have the chance to spin the Coin Wheel daily. If you are a non-paying member, you can spin the Coin Wheel once a day, while the VIP members can spin the wheel four times each day. The Coin Wheel will give you a specific amount of Starcoins depending on where it lands, but you are guaranteed to earn some Starcoins daily by going to the Coin Wheel.

moviestarplanet starcoins

Play the Games- In Movie Star Planet, there are a ton of games you can play, and a lot of these games offer you quite a few Starcoins as a reward. If you do the quiz games, simply memorize the answers and you will earn Starcoins quickly, but this might take a few tries to get right. Sometimes the questions are changed too, so you will just have to pay attention and memorize the questions and answers to get the most out of it. There are games on the floor too that you can play to earn Starcoins, whether you have the free membership or VIP membership.

You can get a pet and then head to the pet park chatroom, and then click on all of the pets in order to earn Starcoins. You also can just head to the chatroom and then find those people who have pets and do it from there. Arcade games and the floor games, no matter what they are or how easy they are, will all give you Starcoins.

Ask to be in Movies- One way you can earn Starcoins easily in Movie Star Planet is to ask people to be in their movies. If someone watches the movie that you are in, you earn 50 Starcoins for each person who watched it. Even if you do not want to make a movie yourself, simply getting someone to let you in their movie is enough for you to earn Starcoins. Just ask friends or random people if you can be in their movie, with a lot of people having no problems or issues if you ask and are nice to them.

Make Movies- In Movie Star Planet the obvious way to earn Starcoins is to make movies, as every time someone watches the movie you earn Starcoins. There are 10 Starcoins given out for each person who watches, so make sure you make a movie every chance you get to increase the eyes on your movies.

Make Quality Movies– While this kind of goes with the last tip, it is important that you make good movies in order to earn more Starcoins. All movies are rated and the ratings are related to how many Starcoins you will earn from your movies. The better movies you make the more people watch them. The more people who watch and give a good rating the more Starcoins you will earn and you can earn Starcoins on all of your movies no matter how old they are. The shorter movies also have less of a chance to earn Starcoins so make sure your movie is both high quality and a good length to be rated higher.

Love Pets- In the game you can rate the pets of other players, and you earn between 1 and 3 Starcoins for each pet that you love. Players who are above level 25, which is often those with the paid and VIP membership, will give you the highest chances of earning Starcoins because they are going to have more pets.

Watch and Rate Movies- If you watch a movie and rate that movie 5 stars, you will get 10 Starcoins for each movie you watched and rated. If you think this takes too long, then simply watch the shorter movies, and then just rate them 5 stars, and you will earn Starcoins. Even just doing this for 30 minutes you will earn quite a few Starcoins without really doing any work. Supporting other players by watching and rating their movies is great because they will often support you back, so it is a win-win situation.

Rate Your Own Movies- If you really want to, you can earn Starcoins by making another account and then rating your own movies. This sounds a little weird and kind of wrong but there is nothing really wrong with making another account to rate your own products. If you do not want to do this yourself, get a family member or friend in the game so they can watch and rate your movies on your behalf. The only bad part about this is that you can’t make enough accounts to really make a huge difference, but Starcoins are Starcoins, even if it is just 20 or 30.

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