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Movie Star Planet every week has a movie competition going on. In these movie competitions, you are given a theme and you have to make a movie based off that theme. There are always three sentences that you have to use as well in these Movie Star Planet movies. If you do not use these three sentences then you are not going to win one of the three prizes. Also you are going to want to be a MSP member for this so make sure you click here to get your free membership for MSP from our website.

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Each week a new movie competition opens up on Movie Star Planet and the winners of the previous week are announced a short time later in the week. Due to the Christmas holidays, there have been more movie competitions open on Movie Star Planet. The staff is just now getting the winners together for the previous couple of weeks, and we wanted to tell you about these new movie competition winners.

While we will be telling you the winners of the Movie Star Planet competition soon, we wanted to also tell you about the prizes. First place ends up getting 14 days VIP, 14 diamonds and 3,000 gold coins. Second place is 7 days VIP, 7 diamonds and 2,000 gold coins. For third place, the winner gets 3 days VIP, 3 diamonds and 1,000 gold coins. In order to be one of the three winners beyond using the sentences, you also have to use the items within the game.

The items include clothing, accessories and backgrounds. The props and items that you need to use mostly need to be related to the theme of that week, although you can mix up and put other items in your movie as well. We will now get into the winners of the movie competitions over the past couple weeks.

Snowball Fight Movie Competition

For this movie competition, you had to use three sentences. The sentences were “Let us have a snowball fight” as well as “we will never surrender” and “I make the best snowballs in town.” If you wanted to be one of the three winners you had to use these three sentences as well as the items and props associated with the theme.

In first place is the movie “Back in the Day!” by ilovedaddy101.The second place winner is “Alec Not Wanting a Snowball Fight” by KawaiiKiwi. Lastly, third place belongs to the movie “Knocks Me Black & White” by Shortmovies. We definitely wanted to say congratulations to all of the winners of the newest movie competition to be voted on.

Emoji Movie Competition

For the Emoji movie competition you had to use the sentences “I feel so..” along with “Smiley happy” and “Say it with an emoji.” In order to be one of the three winners, you needed to use each sentence in a new and creative way, along with use props and items that would fit with the theme. Of course, you could use more props and clothing items that were not related to the theme, but the majority did need to fit this theme.

For the Emoji movie competition, the first place member winner was “Night of the Living Emojis” by XxWinnieXx. In second place the winner was “Boys Can’t Speak Emoji!” by KanzKing28. In last place, we have the movie “Emoji Mishap” by Cheena1218. It is important to extend a congratulations to all of these winners for this movie competition as well, because they all did a great job.

New Year’s Crystal Ball Movie Competition

For this movie competition, you had to use the sentences, “I love glitter” along with “Cool dance moves” and “Happy New Year.” Just as with all other movie competitions, you had to use each sentence within the movie, as well as use props and items that went along with the theme of the movie. Points are also awarded for uniqueness and creativity, so you had to think about these sentences in a cool way in order to really have a shot at winning one of the three spots. It looked like it was a very close race as there were a lot of great movies and the winners all got really high marks when it came their scores.

The first place winner for the New Year’s Crystal Ball movie competition is “New Year Surprise” by thalia grace huntr. The second place winner for this movie competition was “New Year’s Boom” by alabaughtwin1. The last place winner goes to the movie “Happy 2016!” by DaijahB375. We also wanted to say congratulations to the three winners of the New Year’s Crystal Ball movie competition.

There were so many people who submitted movies to these Christmas and winter themed movie competitions that it looked like it was super hard to pick a real winner. There are a couple of movie competitions right now on Movie Star Planet, with one just starting so submit your movie to that within the next 7 days. The other movie competition has closed within the past 24 hours and the winners of that movie competition will likely not be announced until next week sometime.

Stay tuned because we will keep you updated on the winners of the movie competitions currently going on right now, and those that have just ended submissions so voting can begin.

It is important to remember that you can submit and win in various movie competitions. This means that if you win a movie competition one week, you can submit a movie for the next competition and can win that too. There is really no limit on the amount of times you can win in these movie competitions, but you can only submit once to each movie competition. So quit wasting time and get your free MSP membership today and get your entries in as soon as you can! Also check out all the different competitions on MSP here!

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