Movie Star Planet New Competitions and Winners

Movie Star Planet is a virtual world in which you have an avatar that you can create and put into movies. The avatar basically acts like a Hollywood actress or actor since you put the avatar in various movies and you can become famous off of your movies.

The more movies you create and the better your movies are, the more likely you are to earn fame in Movie Star Planet. With the fame also comes more friends and more requests for autographs. Whether you have a free membership or a paid membership to Movie Star Planet, you can create your own movies and submit movies each week.

There are always new movie competitions up on Movie Star Planet that you can submit to each week. Even if you have won a movie competition previously, you can still submit to the new movie competition and still be a winner. One thing to keep in mind though is that it takes about a week for the winners of each movie competition to be announced.

We are always shocked at just how many people on Movie Star Planet submit movies and they are always fun and great. If you want to have a good chance at winning either first, second or third place in the movie competition then you need to make great movies that are unique and stand out.

We are going to be telling you today about some of the latest movie competitions up on Movie Star Planet as well as some winners of the most recent movie co competitions. If you would like to have a chance of winning some special prizes on Movie Star Planet, then submit your movie today to the newest movie competition that is up on the website.

The more often you submit then the more likely you will be to win a movie competition. Since so many people do submit movies you will need to be interesting and create a really cool movie to have the best chance at winning first place. Even if you submit a movie you can submit again if you think of a better premise down the road.

Easter Egg Movie Competition

On Movie Star Planet, the newest movie competition is the Easter Egg movie competition. You will need to use clothing, backgrounds, items and accessories that go with the theme of the competition this week. You will also need to ensure that you use the three sentences that are required with the Easter Egg movie competition. The Easter Egg sentences include “Find the Easter Eggs” as well as “Hug the bunny” and “Let us have a picnic.”

You have a week to submit your Easter Egg movie if you want to have a chance at winning the competition. Remember to use all of the sentences in unique ways to have the best chance of winning and you also want to make sure you stick with the theme. You are always able to use props and other clothing items as well, but just make sure most of your items go with the Easter Egg movie theme to have a better chance to win.

Street Dancers Movie Competition

In the Street Dancers movie competition on Movie Star Planet, you had to use three sentences as well. The three sentences include “Dance Battle” as well as “Watch me spin” and “check out my moves.” You also had to use clothing, backgrounds and accessories that went with the Street Dancers movie competition in order to have the best chance at winning.

The VIP members of the game have the best chance of winning but do not let that discourage you when it comes to submitting your own movie. The winners of the Street Dancers movie competition on Movie Star Planet will likely be announced later this week or early next week as they are still looking for the winners at this point in time.

Cool Tubers Movie Competition Winners

For the Cool Tubers movie competition, you had to use three sentences in order to have a chance to win. The three sentences were “Bring it on bro” as well as “Check out my haul” and “Keep up the good vibes.”

In first place we have “Follow Your Dreams” which was made by kittycat1016. In second place we have “Behind the scenes of my channel” which was made by tiffany1217. Lastly in third place, we have “Sky the YouTuber xD” which was made by FlowerkittyCatGirl.

We want to say congratulations to the three winners of the Cool Tubers movie competition. These were all great movies and the winners were definitely deserving of the awards. In case you did not know first place wins 14 days VIP, 14 diamonds and 3,000 gold coins. Second place wins 7 days VIP, 7 diamonds and 2,000 gold coins. Third place gets 1,000 gold coins, 3 days VIP and 3 diamonds.

Friends Cafe Movie Competition Winners

For the Friends Cafe movie competition you had to use three sentences as well to have a chance to win this movie competition. For this movie, you had to use “How are you doing” as well as “Hanging out with friends” and also “Why is it inside out.” This was a movie competition that has been out for a while but the winners were just announced within the last week.

All three winners in this movie competition are “Hanging out with friends in nice weather” which was by riiroxx. This movie won both second and third place as well, which means this person likely has a VIP membership. This person will win all of the diamonds, gold coins and VIP for each of the three spots, which some people think is not really fair. Whether this is fair or not in terms of this person winning all three times is up for debate, but congratulations to the winner. If you would like to have the best chance of winning getting a VIP membership to Movie Star Planet is the best way to go.

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