Movie Star Planet Movie Competitions and Winners Just Announced

If you have not heard about Movie Star Planet, it is a virtual world where you can go and make movies based on various topics. You also can play games in Movie Star Planet, dress up your virtual actress or actor avatar, and then chat with friends about anything you want. In this game, one of the best things are the movie competitions, because you get to make a movie using your avatar and compete with others from all over the world. As of this writing it looks like you can compete either as a MSP member or non member.

In order to be one of the three winners every week in the movie competition, you have to use props, backgrounds, clothing, items, and sentences that go along with the theme for that week. We have been telling you lately about some of the movie competition winners, and more were just announced from the previous two weeks of movie competitions.

Movie Star Planet Movie Competitions

Before we get into the winners of the previous movie competitions, you might be interested in knowing that there is still a movie open for you to submit your entry to for this week. There is not much time left to enter this movie competition though as it ends Thursday. This movie competition is called White Winter.

white winter movie open

For this movie competition, you need to use the sentences “I love white winter” along with “Wow, a snow owl” and “I want to go to the snow forest.” If you use these three sentences in unique and cool ways it increases your chances of either coming in first place, second place or third place. You also must use props, clothing, and other items that go along with the White Winter theme. You can find these by searching for “New” in the various categories. While you need to use items that fit with this theme, you also can use other items and accessories as well.

It is important that most of your items in your movie however are going along with the White Winter Theme. The winners for this movie competition on Movie Star Planet will be announced next week. Remember that in order to have a chance at winning the White Winter movie competition, you have to be creative and unique, both with the sentences and how they are used and with the items that go along with this movie. It is important you submit your best work because there are so many people who submit movies on Movie Star Planet that sometimes just that little extra is what gets you a spot in the top three. So grab some of your MSP friends, get a membership for free from our website, and get started now!

Grande Love Movie Competition Winners

The competition last week was called Grande Love, and the winners for this Movie Star Planet movie competition were just announced. For Grande Love, you had to use the three sentences, “I want to be a GRAND star” along with “This is a cool celebrity mansion” and “Time to go on stage.” You also had to make sure you used backgrounds, clothing, and other items that went along with the theme.

The first place winner for this Grande Love movie competition was “The Grande Identity” by awsome cutie. In second place was “A Grande Performance” by BriBri900. Lastly, the third place winner for this movie competition was “Pixi Star Goes to a Concert” by $$ANGEL$$707.

The first place winner will get 14 Days VIP membership, 14 Diamonds and 3,000 gold coins, so congratulations to Awsome Cutie. The second place winner, which was BriBri900 will get 7 Days VIP membership, 7 Diamonds and 2,000 gold coins. The third place winner, which in this case was $$ANGEL$$707 will get 3 Days VIP membership, 3 Diamonds and 1,000 gold coins. We want to say congratulations to all of the winners for the Grande Love Movie Star Planet movie competition.

Snowball Fight Movie Competition Winners

For the Snowball Fight movie competition, you had to use the three sentences “I make the best snowballs in town” along with “Let us have a snowball match” and “We’ll never surrender!” Items, backgrounds, clothing and accessories had to be used that fit with the Snowball Fight theme in order to have the best chance at winning.

In first place was “Back in the Day!” by ilovedaddy 101 who will get 14 Days VIP membership, 14 Diamonds and 3,000 gold coins. Second place was “Alec Not Wanting a Snowball Fight” by KawaiiKiwi and this person gets 7 Days MSP VIP membership, 7 Diamonds and 2,000 gold coins. In last place was “Knocks me Black & White” by shormovies and they win 3 Days VIP membership, 3 Diamonds and 1,000 gold coins. All of these movies were really good and you can see on the website it was not much in terms of differences between first place and last place.

We want to say congratulations to all of the winners of the Movie Star Planet movie competitions, as there are always a ton of great entries to choose from that it makes it hard to pick who really should be a winner. If you win a movie competition, you can still submit a movie for the other movie competitions too, which means you have a chance of winning every week if you are submitting your best work each and every time for the movie competitions. If you did not win this time, do not give up and keep submitting your movie to Movie Star Planet as you never know which week you might be one of the best three movies. Be sure to check out our rewards section to get your own paid account on MSP today.

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