Movie Star Planet Christmas – Themed Movie Competition Winners

It’s a great time to get a free movie star planet member as there were several Christmas-related and themed movie competitions up these past few weeks over on Movie Star Planet. Since Christmas just ended a couple weeks ago, we thought it would be a good time to look back on some of the great Christmas-related movie competitions that Movie Star Planet was holding.

There were so many great movie submissions on the topic of Christmas and various Christmas-related themes that it was so cool to see the creativity involved in many of the submissions. The movie competitions are just another aspect to Movie Star Planet that makes it worth signing up for.

It is always good to check in Movie Star Planet so that we can see who all of the winners were from these competitions, and each week a new competition opens up. If you didn’t know, every week a new movie competition begins on Movie Star Planet. Each week Movie Star Planet also gives kudos to three winners of the movie competition from the week before. Movie Star Planet has been busy the last few weeks with numerous movie competitions up and the staff has not gotten around to picking winners of the last three movie competitions yet.

We decided to look back and tell you the last four movie competitions that were open on Movie Star Planet and who the winners were from those four movie competitions. In case you were not aware, you win some good rewards for placing either in first, second or third.

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First place will get you 14 days VIP membership, 14 diamonds and 3,000 gold coins. Second place gets 7 days VIP membership, 7 diamonds and 2,000 gold coins. Last place gets 3 days VIP membership access, 3 diamonds and also will get 1,000 gold coins.

Before we begin telling you the winners of the movie competitions on Movie Star Planet, we just want to send a congratulations out to the winners of each movie competition. There are always thousands of submissions each week for the movie competition, so make sure you are entering and following the directions in order to win or have a legit shot at winning.

Movie Star Planet Movie Competition Winners Announced

Christmas Feels Competition Winners

For this movie competition you had to use three sentences in order to qualify for a chance at the prizes. You had to use the sentences “Cosiest day of the year” along with “It is warm by the fire” and “best gift ever.” The first place winner was “The Christmas Miracle” by out of this galaxy. In second place was “The Family Christmas Miracle”by i need a bf 12. Last place was “Christmas Nightmare (Worst Christmas Ever) by perf637.

Aussie Xmas Competition Winners

For this movie competition on Movie Star Planet you had to use the sentences “Merry Christmas, mate” along with “Beach Christmas” and “Rudolph the Xmas Kangaroo.” The first place winner was “Christmas Dream” by date and add me. In second place it was “It’s Not About the Little Things” by ChloeSweety. Third place belonged to “Stranded For Christmas!” by blingdoggy.

Christmas Party Winners

For Christmas Party you had to use the sentences “May I have this dance?” along with “The Christmas lights are beautiful” and “What a glorious party.” In first place was “The Little Red Elf Part 2” by alabaughtwin1. Second place was “Christmas Love” by Coolrad50090. Last place was “Christmas Ball” by thalia grace huntr.

Magical Toy Store Competition Winners

For the Magical Toy Store movie competition you had to use the sentences “Here all dreams come true” along with “I’m a little toy elf” and “This is a magical world.” The first place winner was “The Elves That Saved Christmas” by thebestlife951. In second place it was “The Elf Adventure” by Bookworm4456. Last place belonged to “How the Grinch Almost Stole Christmas” by cool boy 21.

If you are not signed up for Movie Star Planet, you should definitely think about joining because you can win any of the movie competitions with a free membership. All you have to do is make a short video using the props and themes for that week, which is noted by a “new” icon in the shop. You then include the three sentences that are for that movie competition in particular.

If you do not include the props, such as backgrounds, clothing, and items that belong to the competition at hand, you will not be a winner more than likely. You always can use other items and props, but most of your items need to come from the theme for that week.
You can submit a movie to the movie competition each week, even if you have won a movie competition from the past. There is no limit on the amount of times you can enter.

There is no reason not to submit a movie for the Movie Star Planet movie competitions because you can be a winner and end up getting VIP memberships, diamonds, and gold coins. You know the old saying “you never know until you try” and with the movie competitions that is definitely true.

You just need to make sure you use the props and items as well as the three sentences and you have just as good of a chance as anyone else. Making sure your movie is unique is another way to add an advantage when making the movies.

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