Moshi Monsters VIP Membership Benefits

Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play game that is aimed at children between ages 6 to 12. This game features a virtual world where you can choose between six different virtual pet monsters. You get to participate in challenges and various games in Moshi Monster. You also can decorate your room for your monster and then chat with other players.

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While you can play Moshi Monsters using the free membership, there are several benefits to having a paid membership to the game. If you are wondering whether or not a Moshi Monsters VIP membership is worth it, read on to hear about all the benefits of having the paid membership.

Moshi Monsters VIP Membership Benefits

Make More Friends- If you have a VIP membership in Moshi Monsters, you will become more popular in the game and make more friends. If you just use the free membership you will make some friends, but you will not be as well known as you will be if you have the paid membership. If you are someone who is normally shy, then this might be the best way for you to make new friends since people will automatically look at you as a famous celebrity type of person and want to talk to you.

Super Moshi Status– As a paid member on Moshi Monsters, you will earn Super Moshi status. If you get this special designation then you get a cape and a mask that you can put on your monster. You will have new locations that you can visit, even more puzzles and quests to solve, and you will meet even more people. As a Super Moshi you can even get Secret Moshlings which are exclusive to just the players with the VIP membership.

More Rooms and Houses- Becoming a paid member on Moshi Monsters also allows you to choose from more houses and you can get even more rooms. You can choose from lavish houses in the mountains or nice houses up at the top of the Skyscraper. You can add more rooms to your house which means that you can decorate and fill up your house with more cool items from the shop. If you like to collect a ton of items from the shop then having more rooms is going to be a huge benefit for you. This also gives you the chance to find a home that your monster will really love, since you can choose from even more locations around the maps.

Show off Creativity- As a paid VIP member of Moshi Monster you get to do something others cannot do, which is submit your artwork to the Googenheim Gallery. If your work is chosen then you will find your artwork in the Googenheim Gallery next to all of the other cool artists in the game. As a reward for having your artwork appear in the Gallery, you will get a power pallet. This is a cool way for you to show off your creativity and also it can help you make more friends in the game as well. If you are not into art or submitting artwork that is fine too, but the option will always be there for you if you want to give it a go.

Earning Rox at the Underground Disco– Another cool perk of being a paid member is that you can head over to the Underground Disco, which is an exclusive place just for members. Here you will be able to earn Rox, which is the currency used in Moshi Monster. There normally is a bouncer that stops you from entering the Underground Disco, but you will be able to get right by the bouncer since you are a paying member. You earn Rox just by getting into the Disco and you also can play tracks from your favorite artists in the game.

Moshling Zoo Access- You can keep all of your pet monsters together at the Moshling Zoo. This is a special place that only paying members will have access to. Over at the Moshling Zoo you can also collect Moshling seeds which allows you the chance to create super rare monsters that not everyone else has access to either. The seeds also attract the rare monsters that only will come around for the members, so you know you will have the coolest monster collection in the game if you get the membership.

Playing Starcade Games- If you love games then you will love how many games you can play over at the Starcade as a member. You will be able to purchase video games that your monster can play and then your friends also can play these games if they come over to your room. These games are only available for those with the paid membership, and there is quite the selection available to keep you busy.

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