Moshi Monsters Medal Guide

There are a lot of medals that you can collect in Moshi Monsters. These medals are basically incentives to get you as the player out there and exploring new and exciting aspects of Moshi Monsters within Monstro City. A lot of medals can be earned without you even thinking about them as some of them are earned just by going in and doing basic activities within the game. Another great thing about earning medals or trying to earn them is that you will earn Rox as well. This means that you can kill two birds with one stone since you will be earning medals to add to your collection and Rox so you can buy new and fun items from the store.

moshi monsters medal

If you are wondering where you can go in the game to view your medals, simply click on the “My Medals” button which is on the left side of the room. If you have a free membership to Moshi Monsters there are some limitations on the medals you can earn. This means that some of the medals are for the paid membership players only, and you need to get the VIP membership to earn those special medals. Even if some medals are off limits unless you have the paid membership, there are plenty you can earn as a free member and we are going to tell you about some of the medals you can find and earn in Moshi Monsters.

Moshi Monsters Free Membership Medals Guide

Awesome Adopter Medal– The Awesome Adopter medal is earned instantly in Moshi Monsters just by signing up for a free account and adoping one monster. Just feed your monster for the first time and you earn this medal, which means you need to purchase food for your monster first before this medal will be awarded to you.

Nifty Thrifty Medal- You can earn the Nifty Thrify Medal just by purchasing an item for your room, whether big or small you will get a medal.

DIY Designer Medal- For this medal you will need purchase an item for your home and this is a medal that encourages you to customize your home. You can go over to the DIY Shop on Sludge Street or the Bizzare Bazaar on Main Street and purchase an item. Once you have purchased the item for your home simply go back home and open the chest where your new item is located. You will need to take the item out of the chest by dragging it and dropping it into a location in your room. You will earn the medal once your item is out of the chest and somewhere in your room.

Braniac Medal- If you want to get the Braniac Medal you need to do the Daily Challenges at Puzzle Palace. You will need 10 points in the Daily Challenge Quiz to earn this medal, and the questions will be the same so you can memorize them after playing just a few times. Once you get used to the questions it will only take you a few times to score 10 points on the Daily Challenge Quiz. If you do not earn this medal right away you should not worry, it is the more daunting medal to earn in Moshi Monsters if you are just starting out.

Besties Medal– If you have a BFF in your Friends Tree you will earn this Besties Medal. All you need to do is click the tree and then make a friend a BFF by hovering over their name and clicking on the yellow star. You only need to make one friend a BFF in order to get the Besties Medal, but you can make as many best friends as you want in Moshi Monsters. Both free memberships and paid memberships allow you to add a BFF or more on your Friend Tree.

Out n About Medal- If you want this medal you just need to visit a street by using the map to get there. If you want to know how to get this medal simply bring up the map, click on a street and visit. It is that easy to get the Out n About Medal and likely something you will earn in Moshi Monsters without noticing. You will only earn this medal once, so you do not have to worry about going here or there to earn this medal as you continue on in the game.

Gotcha! Medal- The Gotcha Medal is earned just by catching a moshling in your garden, and it actually is easier than it sounds if you know how to do it. If you have no clue how to catch a moshling in your garden you just need to plant various seeds in different combinations. It will be nearly impossible to catch the rare moshlings, at least at first, so just try to catch the more common moshlings and you will earn this medal in no time. It might take you a few different seed combinations and plants though, so it might seem daunting. The Seeds Cart is where you will need to go to in order to purchase the seeds you will need to plant in your garden.

These are just some of the most common medals you will find in Moshi Monsters when you first start out in the game. Remember these are not the VIP membership medals but are the free membership medals, which means everyone should be able to quickly and easily earn these medals. If you have the paid membership to Moshi Monsters there are even more medals you can earn, but they will require more time and energy to obtain when compared with the free membership medals.

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