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If you are looking for a cool game for children then you might consider Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters is a game that is available for children between the ages of 6 and 12. In this game, you will get a monster virtual pet and you have to feed it and keep it happy, just as you would a real pet. Moshi Monsters is fun because you can invite friends over, chat with friends, and also play puzzles and games. Even though this is a game specifically for 6 to 12 year olds, you might find that younger and older children also will enjoy the game. Even some adults enjoy the fun and simplicity of games like Moshi Monster, so try it out and you might end up liking it regardless of how far you are outside of the age limits.


You can play Moshi Monsters using either the free membership or the VIP membership. The paid membership of course gives you more perks and benefits than the free membership. Examples of this are more in-game currency known as Rox, more ways to earn friends, and more games to play. If you plan on playing Moshi Monsters a long time then it might be good to invest in the paid membership, especially if you have other people who want to run around and play with you. If you have never heard of the game before though, you might want to play just on the free membership until you are sure that this is a game you want to invest more time in. This is because even though the membership is cheap, it is still real money you will have to pay to get the paid membership and you do not want the paid membership to go to waste if you end up not playing the game for that long.

One thing you can do regardless of your membership status is go on quests, which is something that has been around Moshi Monsters for a few years now. Quests are basically like small mini-games where you will be presented with an objective or task, and you must complete it in order to get the rewards associated with the quest. There are certain quests however that you will need to be a paid member of the game to enjoy, and you will also get better rewards as a member. We thought we would give you a rundown of what the quests are all about in Moshi Monsters and how it works. If you are not sure about the quests in Moshi Monsters, then continue reading to learn more about this part of the game.

Moshi Monsters Quests Information & Guide

How Quests Work- You will notice when you are walking around Monstro City that you will come across some other monsters and moshlings. Some of these characters will need your help, and you will know because they will have an exclamation point above their heads. Not every moshling or monster you come across in Monstro City will need your help, but say hi to all of them anyways because you never know which ones do need your help until you are close to them. All you need to do is click on them in order to help, and this is when the monster will tell you what it needs for you to do. There are two buttons so you will be able to decide whether or not you want to help the monsters in Moshi Monsters. You always can say no if you have something else you are doing, and you can come back to help the monster later when you have more time.

Completing the Quest- You will be able to see a checklist on the street scene and this will tell you what you need to do to complete the quest. After you completed the activity, the checklist will automatically update and tell you what you should do next, such as heading back to the monster. You will get Experience and Rox for completing the quest successfully, and free members will see a popup trying to persuade you to get the VIP membership for even more rewards and different types of quests. You do not have to purchase the membership though because there is no limit on the quests you can complete as a free member, only the limit put into the game for quests you can complete each day.

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Quest Limits- In Moshi Monsters, you can only do up to three quests per day. The limit applies no matter which membership you have in the game. Even those with VIP memberships can only do three quests a day, although the rewards are better for the members. This is something that could always change down the road, so do not feel like you will be stuck only doing three forever. You also can choose to do one or two a day if that works better for you. You do not have to always do three of the quests every day if you have other things you need to be doing.

Quest Rewards– You will get 18 Rox and 10 Experience for your first quest. If you complete the second quest you will get 11 Rox and 5 Experience. Completing the third quest will get you 6 Rox and no more Experience. This number is subject to change and if you are a member then you will end up with more Rox and Experience then these for each of the quests you complete each day.

Members will get 35 Rox and 10 Experience for completing the first quest. For the second quest you will get 21 Rox and 5 Experience. The third quest will earn you a reward of 14 Rox and 0 Experience. These numbers are subject to change at any point in time.

Earning Medals- You can earn Medals in Moshi Monster and finishing the quests is one way to earn these medals. You will get your first medal after successfully completing the first quest. You will get another medal after you finish quest 10 and then another medal after you finish quest 30. This is one of the many ways you can earn medals in Moshi Monster, and although you will not earn too many through the quests, it is going to help you get going on earning all of the medals available in the game through the various puzzles and activities.

Quest Types- There are a few different types of quests you could go on, such as Find the Moshling or Collect the Sapphires. In Find the Moshling, you will need to look at an image and then try to find the Moshling using a colored circle. After you find the missing moshling, head back to the Moshling who asked you to find the lost moshling. This is when you will get your reward. The Collect the Sapphires quest is when you will be presented with 15 sapphires, and you have to click on each one working from one end to the other. You will need to collect them all and then head back to the person who gave you the quest in order to get your rewards.

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