How To Make Friends on Webkinz

Webkinz is a great game for children where you have a virtual pet that is identical to the pet you purchase from the store. Once you get your real stuffed animal at the store, you look at the tag and enter the information on the Webkinz site to create your virtual pet counterpart in Webkinz world.

There is a free membership that you can use while in Webkinz or you can purchase a paid membership to the game. The paid membership of course gives you more options in terms of friends you can add and jobs or games you can play, but you can play on the free membership just fine.

You can then go into Webkinz and play with your virtual pet, including play games and also decorate your house. You also will be able to clean and feed your virtual Webkinz pet, as well as get a job to earn KinzCash, and you also have the chance to talk to friends.

While you can play Webkinz alone by yourself it is always more fun if you have friends or find ways to make friends within the game. This is because you can invite friends over to your house to chill out with your virtual pet and also you can get and give gifts to your friends as well. Friends are also fun because you can chat with them and play games with them at the same time.

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If you are in Webkinz right now, you might be wondering what the best ways are to make friends that you can add to your Friends List. Well we are going to tell you some of the best ways that you can make friends in Webkinz, which will help you have more fun in the game and also make the whole virtual world that much more enjoyable.

Making Friends in Webkinz

Tournament Arena- You can go into the Games section on Webkinz, and you will notice there is a Tournament Arena section within the game. You can then click “Two-Player Games” which means you can either play with a random opponent or play with a friend already on your Friend List. If you play with a random player then this is a great way to make new friends in Webkinz. If you are playing with a random person, you will be able to chat with that person and you very easily could hit it off and end up really liking the person.

If you really like the random person you are playing with in Webkinz, you can add that person to your Friends List and then you guys can be friends and play more games together. Adding that random player to your Friend List also allows you to invite them over to your place and you can end up getting to know them as well as the people they hang out with in the game. Of course, you first want to ask them if they want to be friends, and once they say yes then you can add them to your friends list.

Head to the Clubhouse– In Webkinz, there is also a Clubhouse in which you can go and this is where the chat rooms and things are. In the Clubhouse, a lot of Webkinz players hang out and this is basically where people go if they want to meet new people. Once you are in the Clubhouse you can go into any room you want, but it is always better to go into the rooms where there are more players at. This increases your chances of finding people that you can chill out with and become friends with.

You want to really look for people who have the friend request button turned on, which means that they are able and open to accepting new friend requests. Simply click on them in order to ask them to be friends with you and most of these people are quick to accept new friend requests.This is one of the best and easiest ways to make new friends in Webkinz, especially once you have been in the Clubhouse a few times and players notice you have been there before. As with the first tip, make sure you ask them if they want to be friends with you and then add them onto your Friend List.

Check Facebook- If you are on Facebook you also can find new friends by using your Facebook account to see who you know on Facebook that has a Webkinz account. If none of your Facebook friends play Webkinz, you also can send them an invite to begin playing the game. Of course they would have to go out and buy a Webkinz in order to play in Webkinz world, but at least they would know you are interested in having them join you in Webkinz world.

Facebook is also good because you can find the Webkinz page and then look for people who want to have more friends. You can find Webkinz pages where people post their username and then tell you to add them to your Friend List. You will also find that on the Facebook pages, there are a lot of people who just want to play games with someone so they will be looking for new friends so they can play a game with someone else besides a random player. Make sure that you are careful though if you use the Facebook option to add friends because if you have a free membership you can only add up to 100 friends. If you have the paid membership however there is no limit on the amount of people you can add to your Friends List.

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