Latest MovieStarPlanet Movie Competition Winners

MovieStarPlanet is one of the best games out there for a child that is a browser-based only game. In MovieStarPlanet, you use your Hollywood movie star avatar to make movies, chat with friends, go into chat rooms, play games, and participate in fashion shows. This is a really fun game because you can dress your MovieStarPlanet avatar in the new designs and fashion trends and really set yourself apart from the crowd. You can earn in-game currency in MovieStarPlanet as well, which are known as StarCoins. There is also a premium currency in the game known as Diamonds.

If you have been playing MovieStarPlanet, then you know that there is both a free membership and a VIP membership available. The VIP membership to MovieStarPlanet gives you a lot more benefits and perks, such as more Fame and Autographs. You will notice that the Fame in the game is how you level up, so if you want to level up quickly in MovieStarPlanet, you will need a lot of fame.

Regardless of whether or not you play MovieStarPlanet on the free membership or the VIP membership, one thing you can do every week is participate in the movie competitions. You can win regardless of your MovieStarPlanet membership status, and it is really a fun way to get noticed by your MovieStarPlanet peers. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you the latest winners of the movie competitions, as well as which movie theme is going on this week.

Latest MovieStarPlanet Competition Winners

Power Players Movie Competition– This Power Players movie competition is going on until tomorrow night. If you have not submitted your movie yet for this movie competition, do not worry because you got about another half-day to get your entry in. For this movie you needed to use three sentences in order to have your movie possibly chosen as a winner. The three sentences are “Respect each other online” as well as “Gamers are the best” and “My favorite game.”

You need to use these three sentences in unique ways to be one of the three lucky winners. You also have to use clothing items, props, and other accessories that go along with this theme in order to have the best chance at winning. The first place winner will get 14 days VIP, 14 Diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins. The second place winner will get 7 days VIP, 7 Diamonds, and 2,000 gold coins. Third place wins 3 days VIP, 3 Diamonds, and 1,000 gold coins. Even if you have won a movie competition in the past, you can still submit your entry and win so do not worry about that if you were a previous winner.

Hurry up and submit your movie for this competition because the deadline is tomorrow! We will announce the winners of the Power Players movie competition next week or the week after depending on how quickly the MovieStarPlanet staff picks the winners.

Stardust Movie Competition– The Stardust movie competition was up on MovieStarPlanet last week. We finally know the winners so we will tell you all about who won here in a minute. First, we wanted to tell you about the three sentences you needed to use. The three sentences were “Celestial Magic” as well as “Look at the stars” and “I love this place.” You also needed to use backgrounds, items, props, accessories, and clothing that went with the Stardust movie competition theme in order to have the best chance of winning.

Now it is time to tell you who won the Stardust movie competition on MovieStarPlanet, are you ready?  The lone winner of all three is “Our Friendship VS. The Universe?!” by BabyBlueCrackers.Since BabyBlueCrackers won all three spots, this user will get 14 days VIP, 14 Diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins as well as the second place and third place winnings.

All told BabyBlueCrackers will get 24 days VIP, 24 Diamonds, and 5,000 gold coins. Congratulations to BabyBlueCrackers for winning all three spots on the Stardust movie competition, that means this movie was really good!

Love Wins Movie Competition– For this movie competition, which the winners were chosen about two weeks ago, you needed to use three sentences as well to have a chance at winning. The three sentences were “Love conquers all” as well as “Be yourself” and “All the colors of the rainbow.” Beyond that, you also had to use items, props, accessories, and clothing that went with the Love Wins theme, which you could find in the store.

The winner for this movie competition was Shorts4MSP with the movie “Love Conquers :)” This user will get all three awards for winning all three spots. Just like the winner above, this means Shorts4MSP will win 24 Diamonds, 24 days VIP, and 5,000 gold coins. We wanted to say congratulations to Shorts4MSP for winning all three spots on this movie competition. We know every single time that someone wins all three spots on the movie competition that they had a really good movie that could not be beaten by anyone else. The best part about this is that the winners who win all three spots get all of the awards, meaning they get the most diamonds, VIP, and gold coins that they can use in any way that they want.

We wanted to extend congratulations to all of the winners this week and last week in the MovieStarPlanet movie competitions, we are always amazed at how many high-quality submissions there are. We know it is not easy just to choose three winners out of the thousands of submissions. We will keep you updated on the newest MovieStarPlanet movie competitions and winners as the new winners are announced in the coming week. Remember; submit your movie to the newest movie competition before tomorrow night if you want a chance to win.

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