Latest MovieStarPlanet Movie Competition Winners

MovieStarPlanet is a virtual world for children where you can go online and create a movie star avatar and then star in movies. In MovieStarPlanet, you get to dress up your movie avatar in a ton of cool outfits, and also decorate their home with various furniture and accessories. You can play games in MovieStarPlanet as well as chat with friends, play games, and create or view movies from either yourself or other players in the game.

You can earn virtual currency through MovieStarPlanet by going to the site and playing games, and the currency in MovieStarPlanet is known as StarCoins. You can also decide to play on the free membership or you can get the VIP membership for even more perks and benefits. Some of the perks of the VIP membership to MovieStarPlanet include being able to sign more autographs, earning more fame, as well as earning free Diamonds and StarCoins. You also will be able to have more friends and have access to more Daily Spins if you are a paid member of MovieStarPlanet.

Regardless of which type of MovieStarPlanet membership you have, you can go on the game and submit movies for the weekly movie competition. The weekly movie competitions revolve around a specific theme in which the staff will give you. You have to make a movie that has certain sentences in them, as well as use items, backgrounds, and props that go with the theme in order to have the best chance at winning the movie competitions. There are three winners every week in the movie competitions, which go from first place to third place. The prizes you get include VIP days, Diamonds and gold coins. The amounts of each item you earn will depend on which place you get in the movie competition. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you the latest winners of the MovieStarPlanet movie competitions as well as give you insight into the movie competition that is still going on until Thursday night.

MovieStarPlanet Latest Movie Competition Winners


Dark Xmas Movie Competition- Before we get into the movie competition and latest winners, we wanted to tell you about the movie competition that is still accepting submissions. The movie competition is called Dark Xmas and it will be open for another 22 hours. You have until Thursday, December 22 in the evening to submit your movie for this competition. You will need to use three sentences in order to have a chance at winning this movie competition.

The more unique and interesting you make your three sentences, the better chance you have at being one of the three lucky winners. The sentences you need to use include “I tried to be good” as well as “It’s just what I never wanted” and “Darkness on my wishlist.” Besides using these three sentences in a unique manner, you also need to use props, accessories, clothing and other items that go with the Dark Xmas theme. You can use other props and accessories as well but a majority of your movie items need to be related to this theme. If you go into the store you will notice the items that relate to this theme will be marked, which helps you know which items are those that should be used for your movie. There are always several movies submitted to the movie competitions, so if you do not win this time, do not give up. We enjoy seeing all of the great submissions for the MovieStarPlanet movie competitions, and it is really cool that you can submit movies regardless of whether or not you use the free membership or VIP membership.

Silly Xmas Movie Competition– We are now going to tell you about the winners that were just announced for the Silly Xmas movie competition. Before we get to the winners, though, we wanted to remind you of the three sentences that you had to use in order to have a chance at winning this movie competition. You had to use the three sentences “Elf selfie” as well as “All I want for Xmas” and “Release the elves.” You needed to use these three sentences in an interesting manner and also had to use props, clothing, and other accessories that went with the Silly Xmas theme. Of course, the items and props that were designed for this theme were designated and marked in the store so you should not have had any trouble finding them.

You could also use other props and items beyond what was needed for the Silly Xmas theme, but you needed to make sure a majority of the props and clothing items were geared towards the theme. So now we will tell you the three winners of this movie competition.

In first place, we have “The Last Minute Gift” by Dictatortots. First place will get 14 days VIP, 14 Diamonds, and 3,000 gold coins. We want to say congratulations to the first place winner Dictatortots. Second place is “I Belive in Santa Claus” by Pinkpony lover. Second place will earn 7 days VIP, 7 Diamonds, and 2,000 gold coins. We wanted to say congratulations to the second place winner Pinkpony lover. The third place winner is wellnow with the movie “Gift Hunting.” Third place will get 3 days VIP, 3 Diamonds, and 1,000 gold coins. We want to say congratulations to wellnow for winning third place in this movie competition.

As with all movie competitions on MovieStarPlanet, there are always so many cool and amazing submissions. We are always excited to watch the videos of the three winners as well as others because the movies are simply really well executed and thoughtful. Whether you win first place or third place, you should consider it to be a great thing because with so many submissions, getting any place is a badge of honor. You also should know that even if you have won a movie competition in the past, you are still eligible to win a movie competition now or in the future. Just because you have already won a movie competition does not mean you cannot win again. We also wanted to remind you that you can win a movie competition on MovieStarPlanet regardless of which membership you have. That means you can win a movie competition on your free membership or you can win if you are a VIP member, so there is no rules regarding having to be a paid member on MovieStarPlanet in order to win.

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