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Club Penguin is a really nice and cool virtual world for children that can be played right from the browser of your computer. Club Penguin is known as a massively multiplayer online game in which children can run around a winter-themed world using a penguin avatar. Even though Club Penguin is meant for children between 6-years-old and 14-years-old, there are plenty of older teenagers and adults who love the game. The game is also cool if you are younger than age 6, although you might need to help your younger child play the game if they are between ages 4 or 5 due to some of the hand-eye coordination needed.


In Club Penguin, you can play games, chat with friends, and go on various missions or quests. You can play Club Penguin on a free membership or you can get the paid membership for even more benefits and special perks. Some of the special perks include access to member-only parties and islands, as well as the ability to adopt more Pet Puffles, and the ability to go on special member-only missions. As a player in Club Penguin, you also have the ability to help change the world because there are social programs and educational programs within the game. Some things that are included in the social aspect include things like donating coins to help with wildlife preservation and to help children in need all over the world. Not only are you playing a game online in Club Penguin, but you are learning about how to help other people and how to help the environment.

There are so many cool things that you can do in Club Penguin, and each year more activities are being offered to the community to make the game more fun. This time of the year is when the Coins for Change program kicks off, which is the program where players save up their coins and then donate the coins in order to help various charities. With it being around Christmas time, we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the latest things going on in the Club Penguin community. Some things you might want news or information about include who the newest Penguin of the Week winner is, as well as what cool and fun activities might be coming down the pike for Christmas, and what you might expect for 2017 in Club Penguin world. Here are just some of the newest and latest happenings going on in Club Penguin this week and next week. The more you know about what is going on in the Club Penguin community, the more fun you will have in the game, and the more of a special experience playing the game might be for you.

Club Penguin Community News & Updates

Penguin of the Week

We always like to start off our updates about Club Penguin with the newest winner of Penguin of the Week. This is a special award given out once a week and it is decided by the community. Players can nominate anyone for Penguin of the Week by leaving a comment on the Club Penguin website, and then the person who gets enough votes or who seems to really be standing out in the community will win the award. You can nominate someone for Penguin of the Week regardless of whether or not you or the person has a free membership or a paid membership. You can nominate the same person every week if you want or you can go around and nominate the player who you think deserves the award every week. Now, we will not keep you in suspense any longer and will tell you the winner of Penguin of the Week.


The Penguin of the Week winner this past week was Elljo2, who was nominated by Lmcqueen6. In the nomination, Lmcqueen6 said that Elljo2 is a very supportive community member who is an amazing friend and player. This person is positive and also fashionable according to the nomination. Not to mention, Elljo2 also donated 50,000 coins this year for the Coins for Change program, which is pretty amazing! We just talked about Coins for Change being one of the ways that the players in Club Penguin can give back to the community in real life and can change lives of people from all over the world. Elljo2 is a perfect example of players sacrificing to make the world around them a better place and just think if every player did this how much real money could be raised.

We wanted to say congratulations to Elljo2 for winning Penguin of the Week, which should be like an early Christmas present since Christmas is next weekend! For winning Penguin of the Week Elljo2 will get 10,000 coins and a cool Penguin of the Week background she can proudly display for all to see. Such a generous person to both people within Club Penguin and outside of the game and in the real world as well.

Megg Meet-Up

There was a Megg Meet-Up did you know about this? If you missed it then you will have to wait until next time Megg decides to go around looking at igloos. This time it was a Walrus Igloo Parade, but she will be coming around next week for more Christmas and holiday themed igloos. If you have an igloo that is holiday themed and you want to be featured in the parade, then you can contact Megg on the Club Penguin website to tell her all about your igloo. You might just be featured in the next Igloo themed parade.

The holiday-themed igloo parade began on December 12 and ended on December 13. On December 12, Megg started at 4:30 pm PST on the Hockey Server. The first room that was looked at for the parade was Megg’s igloo. On December 13, the parade started at 10:30 am PST and also started on the Hockey server at Megg’s igloo. There will be another meet up very soon if you missed this one, but if you went then I am sure you had a blast going through all of the various holiday-themed igloos. Events like this happen all of the time on Club Penguin, so you need to login every day and keep track of the news so you can join in on the fun and cool activities like the holiday-themed igloo parade.

Club Penguin Island Coming to Australia & New Zealand


In other totally awesome news, Club Penguin Island is coming to both iOS and Android next week! The new Club Penguin Island will be hitting both New Zealand and Australia on mobile devices, so are you ready for that? The launch was delayed a few days due to some issues that had to be worked out, but do not worry as it will be launching next week for sure. We will tell you when this app goes live, as we do not know the date yet, but we do know it will be next week.

You should have already pre-registered your penguin name on the Club Penguin website, and you will be able to use this to login to the game. You also will be able to login using your Disney account username. There will also be a worldwide release of Club Penguin Island, but the date of that will not be released until sometime after the end of 2016. You should probably look for the worldwide release date sometime in the first or second week of January 2017, as that is likely when the worldwide release date will be announced. If you live outside of New Zealand or Australia, you can still pre-register your penguin name and then you will get special rewards when the game launches on both iOS and Android. So, make sure you pre-register in order to get the cool perks and rewards being offered. The rewards will show up when you login to Club Penguin Island on mobile for the first time. You can either use the name you already use on Club Penguin or you can use a different penguin name, it is completely up to you. If you were not able to get the name you wanted on Club Penguin, maybe you can get that original username on the Club Penguin Island mobile game? It is worth a shot if you had a name you wanted but could not get it when you signed up for Club Penguin. Stay tuned for the official release of Club Penguin Island coming soon to your country!

Club Penguin Island Closed Beta Questions


The Club Penguin Island Beta has closed for the North American version of the game. The staff though knows people had questions about the closed beta and about how the closed beta works when it comes time for the official release of the game. The staff decided to answer some of those questions people had and we thought we should tell you about the Club Penguin Island Closed Beta situation too, because if you were a part of it, you might be wondering the same things other people were.

One of the biggest questions people on Club Penguin had was how the beta testers were chosen. The staff did not need many penguins for the North American Beta Test of Club Penguin Island, so they simply sent invites to some of the more active players in the game. There were also a couple of other players who expressed a lot of interest, and those players were sent invites too. Mostly though the staff wanted the penguins to join the beta who were active the most in Club Penguin, knowing they would have the most opportunity to play the game and provide good feedback.

Another question people had was whether or not the progress you made in the Club Penguin Island game would be saved. The answer is that yes your progress in Club Penguin Island will be saved, which means you will not have to start over from the beginning if you were a beta tester and then download the game when it officially launches. Some players put a lot of time into the beta and the staff did not want those people to lose their progress or items they already got in the game. This was a way to say thank you to the beta testers for being willing to go through the beta process and try to help them make the game better for everyone in Club Penguin.

Some words about bullying were also brought up, and the staff wants everyone to know that Club Penguin is supposed to be a safe place people can chat and hang out with friends. There should not be any bullying in Club Penguin and staff wanted everyone to know it will not be tolerated at all. They will be banning anyone who is bullying players because the whole community is supposed to be kind and respectful towards one another. Club Penguin is all about being one big community where positive vibes are sent out.

Let us not forget too that Club Penguin is a children’s online game, so bullying is definitely not something the staff will tolerate as this is a safe place for children to come and play games and hang out with friends. If you think someone is bullying you or someone in the game, then report them immediately so that they can be dealt with by Club Penguin staff. Even if you are not sure if someone is being rude or nasty, you can report them and have the staff talk to them to get to the bottom of the situation. The harassment or bullying will be dealt with quickly and the person will not be told who reported them so you do not have to worry about any revenge or anything like that.

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