Latest Club Penguin News & Updates

Club Penguin is a virtual world for children in which your child runs around a winter-themed world with a penguin avatar. There are many things you can do in Club Penguin from playing games, chatting with friends, going on secret missions, exploring the islands, and dressing up your penguin and the igloo it lives in.


You can play Club Penguin using either a free membership or you can get the VIP membership for even more perks and exclusive offers. Some things you can get with the paid membership include the ability to adopt more Pet Puffles, more igloos you can own, and you have the ability to attend member-only parties. Let us not forget that as a paid member on Club Penguin, you also have access to more mini-games and get the first look at new content and islands within the game.

Regardless of whether or not you have the free membership on Club Penguin or the VIP membership, there are always new and exciting things going on in Club Penguin world you should know about. Knowing about the latest news and community events will help you feel more connected with the other Club Penguin players, and you can earn cool rewards and items if you are paying attention to when the parties or meet-ups are. We are going to tell you some of what is going on in Club Penguin this month, which will help keep you connected to the new and fun things players in Club Penguin can look forward to.

Club Penguin News & Updates

penguin of week club penguin

Penguin of the Week- The first thing we are going to tell you about is the latest winners of Penguin of the Week. Every week a penguin is named Penguin of the Week out of the thousands that are nominated by other players. You can nominate someone to win Penguin of the Week if you think a player is being cool or kind or if they are someone you really get along with in the game. Regardless of whether you have the free membership or paid membership, you can nominate anyone you want for Penguin of the Week and you can be the winner of Penguin of the week. The winner will get 10,000 gold coins as well as a cool Penguin of the Week background that they can show off to all of their friends and family or friends within Club Penguin.

January 10 Winner- Freddyjohn2 is the first Penguin of the Week winner we want to tell you about. Freddyjohn2 is the Penguin of the Week winner for January 10, and was nominated by Icyplays. According to Icyplays, this user is always out there helping new players in Club Penguin get the hang of the game and learn the ins and outs of Club Penguin. This player, Freddyjohn2, is always showing new players about the islands and games they can play, and is always trying to make the community better by giving knowledge to those who need it. We want to say congratulations to Freddyjohn2 for winning Penguin of the Week this week for being such as nice and cool penguin. We all should strive to be as kind and generous with our time as this penguin.

January 3 Winner- Jacob123 is the Penguin of the Week winner for January 3. He was nominated by Rosy Iceburg. Rosy Iceburg said that he is her best friend and he is very funny as well as bright and awesome. He is inspiring because he is not afraid to be who he is, which admittedly is a little bit weird and quirky. He is someone that tells players in Club Penguin to follow their dreams no matter how big or small they might be. Jacob123 is one of the more inspirational penguins out there in Club Penguin, and he is proud of being the person he is no matter what other people think. We want to say congratulations to Jacob123 for winning Penguin of the Week as well.

January Events

In terms of what is going on in January in Club Penguin world, there is plenty of stuff that you might be interested in taking part in. On January 6 we have the Aunt Arctic meet-up, which is a reschedule from January 5. On January 9, the Best of 2016 Music Video was released, and you can find this video right now on the Club Penguin website. The Rubber Ducky Day meet-up is happening on January 13, so get ready for that. The Rubber Ducky Day meet-up is always pretty fun and there might even be some rewards and prizes involved, so login if you want to find out all about that on January 13.

Beyond that, we have more Aunt Arctic meet-up times being posted. You can find these times by going to Club Penguin on January 18, and the schedule will be right there. On January 20, Episode 5 of Island Insider will be released. You will be able to watch the newest Island Insider Episode 5 by heading over to Club Penguin’s website on or after January 20. On January 26, you will be able to see the next hidden pin and also the Club Penguin Times volume 565 will be released.

megg meet up

Aunt Arctic Meet-Up Times #1

The first meet-up for Aunt Arctic for January is happening this week. If you would like to meet with Aunt Arctic you can find her on the following servers at the following times. Do not worry though, if you miss her on this first meet-up, she will be coming back in the next couple weeks so you can always meet up with her then. This week the meet-up is happening on January 10 at 10 am on the Crystal server. On January 13, she will be on the Mittens server at 3 pm. On January 16, Aunt Arctic will be at the Chinook server around 10 am. Once again, if you miss these times then there will be more times coming out on January 18 as we just said. We will keep you posted of the next meet-up with Aunt Arctic when those times are released.

Club Penguin Island Meet Up Times

We know this just passed but if you were around on January 10, you probably saw a lot of people heading out to the servers to meet up regarding Club Penguin and the Club Penguin Island. At 10:30 am PST and 4 pm PST, there was a Club Penguin meet-up on the Hockey server in the Ski Hill Room. The Club Penguin Island meet-up also happened on January 10, and this was at 5 pm PST. The world that this meet-up happened was in Avalanche. If you missed either of these two meet-ups in Club Penguin, keep your eyes open because another meet-up might be just around the corner.

These are just the latest events going on in Club Penguin. If you have a free membership or VIP membership to Club Penguin, you should really check out some of these cool events, such as the Aunt Arctic meet-up happening this week. These events will help you find more friends you can hang out with and it is a good way to see what all is going on in Club Penguin. If you have missed some of these activities, then make sure you keep your eyes open because more events could be coming in the next week or two.


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