How to Increase Your MonStar Rating on Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a great game that children of all different ages can play. In Moshi Monsters, you can create a virtual pet and then play games with it, feed it, and nurture it like you would a real pet. You can also chat with friends in the game and invite friends over to your place. You can play Moshi Monsters either using a free membership or you can get the paid membership. The paid membership of course comes with more perks than just the free membership, such as more opportunities to earn in-game currency known as Rox.

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There are many different parts of Moshi Monsters and many different statistics that can help you get through the game quicker. One thing you need to know about in Moshi Monsters is the MonStar rating, which is basically a popularity rating in the game. You will be able to have more monsters in your home and have more friends if you are more popular. The rating system begins at “Z” which is least popular and then if you are super popular, you can work your way up to A. It might be easy to climb up several letters of the alphabet at first, but the closer you get to A the harder it is to move up on the MonStar rating. This is regardless of whether you have the VIP membership or the free membership to Moshi Monsters.

We thought it would be a good idea to tell you how you can quickly improve your MonStar rating on Moshi Monsters. Improving your rating will help you get more friends in the game and it will also help you level up in the game quicker. If you need to know your rating, just look on the left side of the Moshi Monsters screen and you will see it below the health and happiness scores.

Tips For Increasing Your MonStar Rating Quickly on Moshi Monsters

Spend Time in Monstro City- If you are playing Moshi Monsters and want to get your MonStar rating up, you need to spend a lot of time in Monstro City. You want to say hi to the monsters that are passing by you and just keep walking around saying hi to people. If you continue to play Moshi Monsters, you will notice that your monster will end up going to Monstro City even more often.

Invite Friends to Visit- If you want to get a higher rating you also need to invite your friends over to hang out in your room. You can do this quickly by going over to the play area in the game and then typing in followed by a slash and your own user name. The link would look like Simply share this link and have the person put this into their browser, and then people will be able to go straight to your room.

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Use the Pin Board- If you do not want to do that you can also use the pin board in order to invite people over to your room. If you want to get more people to visit you then you need to spread the word about wanting visitors any way you can. You will need to remember to visit their rooms as well because people will not want to visit you if you will not visit them back, as it is a mutual positive situation if you return the favor. You only will be able to count the first visit each day by one person, and if they visit you more than once in a day it will not count towards increasing your MonStar rating.

Visits or Friends– The truth when it comes to increasing your rating is that you need a good combination of visits and friends. If you have a ton of friends but a lot of them do not visit you then you will never get a higher score. Likewise, if you have only a few friends but they visit every day, it will take you forever to get to letter G or A. You need about 40,000 visits to get to level A in the rating, and it gets harder as you go up the letters to get the visits needed to move up.

The best trick is really to get as many friends as you can because you want a lot of visits as often as possible. If you only have a few friends then you are not going to level up quick, even if they visit you every day since only the first visit each day counts. If you get the paid membership then you will also be able to get more friends in the game, so that could help you get to the higher level MonStar Ratings once you reach the middle and it gets harder to move up levels.

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