How to Increase Monster Happiness in Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a very fun game that you can play with a free membership or with a paid membership if you want extra benefits. One of the main aspects of Moshi Monsters is learning how to keep your monster happy, which is very important for many reasons. For one, your monster will not get mad at you if you keep it happy. Another reason why you want to keep your monster happy is so that the seeds in your Moshling Garden will grow quickly and as much as possible.

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If your monster is happy it will also grow quickly, and this makes the game that much more enjoyable. There are several ways you can increase the happiness of your monster in the game, some cost a little money and others are free. We are going to tell you some of the best ways you can keep your monster happy in Moshi Monsters, with some being quick ways and other ways being a little more time consuming.

Increasing Monster Happiness in Moshi Monsters

Login to the Game- If you login to Moshi Monsters and visit your monster it will gain happiness. You will earn 20 happiness points and 20 health points for each day you login to the game. This is only a once a day thing however, so you will not earn a ton of points quickly this way. Remember to login daily so that you do not miss this easy way to score happiness points, and write yourself a reminder if you have to until it becomes habit.

Tickle- You might think it is weird but you can tickle your monster in Moshi Monsters and it will make it happy. Make sure you are only doing this while your monster is at home though. All you do to tickle your monster is hold your mouse on your monster and then shake your mouse right and left. Each time you tickle your monster you will earn happiness points, but make sure you are not tickling your monster too much though. If you tickle your monster too much too quickly, your happiness will end up going down, so keep it light and every few minutes to earn the most happiness points.

Eating Food- Your monster loves food so you can feed your monster food to earn happiness points. Whether you have a free membership or paid membership to Moshi Monsters, food will be one of the top ways that you can earn happiness points quickly and easily. You will notice that there is a Gross-ery Store on Main Street and this is where you will need to go in order to purchase food for your monster.

The various foods will all have various happiness points associated with them, and your happiness will go up to whatever the value assigned to that food is. Your monster can eat the same type of food over and over and it will still gain happiness points. It also does not matter if your monster says he does not like the food, it will still raise your happiness. You can get items like Bleergsheys Finest Chocolates or Glumpcakes Saffron which are two of the most popular food items in Moshi Monsters. There is also Fairy Cake and the Trashcan Suprize which seem to be popular in the game.

Puzzle Palace- If you head over to Puzzle Palace you will also help your monster gain happiness points. You earn 5 Rox for each game you play and this is the same whether you earn 10 points in the game or 100 points. The Puzzle Palace is the only place in Moshi Monsters where you will earn happiness by playing games. Other areas where games are will not increase your happiness at all so make sure you stick to just the Puzzle Palace.

It is important to know that you earn more happiness points with the higher score you get. So even though the score is not important in terms of Rox, happiness points are determined and calculated by your score in the game. This means you should still try to earn as many points as you can in the games in Puzzle Palace to earn the most happiness points possible in the least amount of time. If you get too many things wrong in the Puzzle Palace though your happiness score will go down a lot, as each wrong answer subtracts 2 happiness points.

Daily Challenge- If you do the Daily Challenge you will earn happiness points as well. You will not earn a ton of happiness points this way but it is a very easy way to earn at least a few happiness points in just a couple of minutes. You can only do the Daily Challenge once a day though, so you cannot keep playing throughout the day. You also earn Rox by doing the Daily Challenge so there is another good reason to do these everyday you login to Moshi Monster.

House Decorating- You can earn happiness points in Moshi Monsters by decorating your house. You can purchase doors, wallpaper and windows in various places within Monstro City that will make your house look cool and fun. There are so many ways you can decorate your house and everything you do to decorate your house will make your monster happy. On Main Street you will find Bizzare Bazaar and Yukea and the DIY Shop on Sludge Street is also an option. To get the happiness points for decorating your house you will have to purchase new items, so you cannot just rearrange items you already have.

Buying Clothing- You can buy new clothing items for your monster if you want to earn happiness points as well. The Monstro City Market Place which you can find on Sludge Street is the best place to go if you want to get new clothing items and outfits for your monster. There are many shops there including Zommer’s Drop Dead Threads, Furi Fashion, Katsuma Klothes, Diavlo’s Duds and Poppet’s Closet. These shops will have various clothing items and they will all be a little different so check them all out to find the right outfit for your monster. Once you purchase your clothing items, go to your Dress Up Room which is left of your house and you will then find every clothing item you ever purchased.

These are just some of the best ways that you can earn happiness points in Moshi Monsters, but there are many more ways you can earn happiness within the game as well. Keep playing and exploring to find them all.

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