How to Get Rare Items on Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a very fun virtual world for children where you can play games, chat with friends, create virtual animals, and run around in Jamaa. In Animal Jam, you have characters which are animals, and these characters stay in homes called a den. You can do a ton of things in Animal Jam including learn about animals and wildlife, play games to advance your animal characters, and even hold parties for your friends.

You can play Animal Jam on a free membership or you can choose to get the VIP membership. The VIP membership for Animal Jam gives you a lot of extra benefits, such as more dens and clothing items you can purchase, more ways to earn free in-game currency and more exclusive offers for members like member-only party invitations.

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Regardless of whether you have a free membership on Animal Jam or a VIP membership on Animal Jam, you have access to what are called rare items. Rare items are special items in which often times are given away at special points in Animal Jam or purchase with the premium currency known as diamonds. While rare items do often times show up for members of Animal Jam, there are ways that you can get the rare items regardless of whether or not you are a VIP member to the game. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you how you can get rare items on Animal Jam.

How to Get Rare Items in Animal Jam: The Basic Guide

Rare Monday Giveway- Every Monday there is a giveaway on Animal Jam, which is when you can login and pick up the rare item of the day. Rare Item Monday as it is called is when you can go in and get your rare item for little to no cost. Most of the rare items go to members, but you can get the rare item even if you are not a VIP member if you participate in the Rare Monday Item giveaway. You can even make extra accounts to stock up on the rare items if you want. These Rare Item Monday specials run every Monday regardless of the month or week, and it is one of the best ways that you can get a rare item without having to do too much work yourself. You need to be quick though because if you login to late into the day, the rare items have already disappeared because they are in limited quantity.

Attend Trade Parties- You can attend various trade parties in Animal Jam where rare items are being traded. Sometimes the person wants another rare item in the trade, but sometimes the user just wants a regular item and will trade you a rare item. You can find trade parties in Jamaa at almost any time in Animal Jam. You need to be careful because there are some scammers out there that will look to trade you a rare item but then never follow through. This is why you need to look at the user profile of the person and decide whether or not the person is legit before you go through with the trade. You also should make sure that you are trading items that are comparable in value, because it is not likely someone would trade an extremely rare item for a basic item that anyone has access to already.

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Get Set Items– In Animal Jam, there are a lot of people who will trade you a rare item if you have a set item. You want to get items like the Golden Bow and Arrows which is in Epic Wonders. Once you have the set item like this one, head over to Jamaa Township and then mention you have this item and are looking to trade for a rare. You want to trade these items for items like the freedom mask or the rare wings, which a lot of people will do.

Do Adventures– There are many Adventures in Animal Jam that you can do which will possibly give you rare items for completing them. You want to do the non-member Adventures like The Return of the Phantoms. You will find some rare items in these Adventures, and if you already have the rare items, then you can use the duplicate in a sell or trade with another person. You will find that if you do the Adventures in hard mode, regardless of the Adventure, there is a higher chance that you get a rare item. Make sure you complete the Adventures and do not stop halfway through it either because that will not get you a rare item. The Adventures have to be completed in order to have a shot at a rare item.

Return of the Phantoms– Speaking of Return of the Phantoms, did you know this Adventure gives you the highest chance of a rare item? If you accept a gift then you have a 75 percent chance of getting a rare item. This only works though if you are doing this Adventure on hard mode, because regular mode does not often give you rare items. You should run through this Adventure a couple of times on the easy mode to ensure you know what the goal of it is and get your game plan all locked in because hard mode really is hard, and you might not complete hard mode if you are unsure of how to get through it. Doing a walkthrough will also make it easier on you when it comes time to knowing how to get rid of the Phantoms and you will find it is much easier to complete after doing it the normal way a time or two.

Login During Special Events or Holidays- Another way to get rare items in Animal Jam is to login during holidays or special events. If there is a special event going on, there is a chance of rare items being given away or being given to non-members of Animal Jam. You want to login during holidays like Christmas too for this reason, which is that rare items are often a giveaway during these occasions.

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