How to Earn Kinzcash in Webkinz

Are you looking for some tips to help you earn Kinzcash in Webkinz? Well we are going to tell you some of the best ways that you can earn Kinzcash if you are playing this cool game that is aimed at children. If you have not heard about Webkinz, it is a game where you purchase a real-world stuffed animal that comes with a tag. On this tag there is a special login code in which you can get into the Webkinz world. Once you enter that information you will find a virtual pet that looks like your Webkinz animal. You can play games and create a virtual home for your pet and also chat with friends or even get a job.

Kinzcash is the currency in Webkinz and you use it to purchase furniture and items for your virtual home. You also can use the Kinzcash to purchase accessories and outfits for your Webkinz. There are many items in the Store that you can use the Kinzcash to purchase to make your experience even more enjoyable. If you are trying to figure out how to earn more Kinzcash to get all of the items you want, continue reading to learn some of our tips and tricks to get you earning more Kinzcash today! These tips will work whether you have the VIP membership or the free membership to Webkinz.

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Tips for Earning Kinzcash in Webkinz

Participating in Polls– In Webkinz, there are a lot of polls that you can participate in whether or not you have the paid membership. These polls will allow you to earn $50 Kinzcash for each one that you fill out. Basically all you do is click on the “Newspaper” and then click the “Contact Us” area and this is where the poll of the day will be. It is a multiple choice poll and each time you do this, which only takes a few seconds, you are on your way to earning more Kinzcash. If you are curious you also can see the results of the polls too so you know whether or not you are thinking like everyone else playing the game.

Daily Activities– You also can participate in the Daily Activities which is a good way to earn more Kinzcash. You can do these activities regardless of whether or not you have a paid membership or free membership on Webkinz and it just takes a few minutes each to do. These are activities that you can do every day once a day and there are a variety of activities that you can choose from. If you are wanting to make the most Kinzcash then do all of the Daily Activities each and every day.

Get a Job– Getting a job in Webkinz is an easy way to make a lot of Kinzcash. Just like in the real world, getting a job is the most effective way to earn money for the items you want to purchase. If you are a paid member of Webkinz then you get the higher paying jobs, but there are plenty of jobs for free members too. The jobs are done only once every eight hours so you cannot do too many jobs each day. Jobs can become the most lucrative way to earn Kinzcash in Webkinz, especially if you have the VIP membership where all the higher paying jobs are.

Love Your Webkinz- If you click on the “Me and My Pets” page you will notice the “Daily KinzCare” tab and this is where you go to love your Webkinz. If you love your Webkinz every day of the week you will get $25 in Kinzcash. All you do is find the “I love my Webkinz” button within that menu and just click that and it will give you a check mark for that day. Every day you do this, which takes just seconds, you will get closer to earning the $25 Kinzcash every week.

Hourly Events– There are Hourly Events in Webkinz which are where you can earn even more Kinzcash without really doing anything. You can spin the Wheel of Wow to earn Kinzcash or maybe the event is another chance to play a Daily Activity. Either way you do not have to really do much except spend a couple minutes doing the event for that hour. Sometimes the event is just as easy as clicking a button but even if it was a game, the games are short so it is a quick way to earn Kinzcash. These Hourly Events happen all day long every day in Webkinz so you can do this everyday if you want to and are able to login to check out the event for that hour.

Quizzy’s Question Corner- You can also earn more Kinzcash by answering questions over in Quizzy’s Question Corner. These questions are pretty easy to figure out and most of the answers are from things you would learn in the game. You can use the Newspaper to find the answers to most of these questions or else they are general questions that you should know just by hanging out in Webkinz. After a certain amount of time the questions will change, which means that you might be able to memorize some but you will need to look up some answers if they are from new questions.

Game of the Day Special- Every day there is a new Game of the Day that you can play to earn Kinzcash as well. The Game of the Day will be shown in the Newspaper so you will know what the game is and whether or not it is worth your time to play for the Kinzcash being offered. The best part is that with the Game of the Day the Kinzcash amounts are higher than if you just played the game on another day. Each day a new game is put up and each time the rewards for the games change. You can do this everyday as well.

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