How to Earn Diamonds & Gems in Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a great game for children where you can explore a virtual world known as Jamaa, play games, chat with friends, and learn about cool wildlife animals. In this game, you can choose characters and animals, dress them up in clothing, and decorate their den. This game has a lot of features and cool aspects to it, such as the ability to earn in-game currency to purchase items for your animals.


You can play Animal Jam using a free membership or paid membership, but the paid membership gives you access to more perks in the game. Some cool benefits of the paid membership include the ability to have more animals and dens, and you also have ways to earn free in-game currency. The in-game currencies for Animal Jam are the gems and diamonds, with diamonds being the premium currency of the game. Premium currency means that it is generally only reserved for the paid members of Animal Jam, although there are some things you can do to earn the premium diamond currency once in a while.

We thought it would be a good idea to tell you more about the gems and diamonds found within Animal Jam. Some things you need to know are how you can earn the gems in Animal Jam, as well as how you can get the premium diamond currency. By knowing about the in-game currency, you will have more fun on Animal Jam because you will know what you need to do in order to get more money in the game. Obviously, the more money you have in Animal Jam, the more items and accessories you can purchase.

Earning Gems in Animal Jam: The Basic Guide

The first thing we are going to tell you about is how you can earn gems in Animal Jam. Regardless of whether you have the free membership or the VIP membership in Animal Jam, you will be able to get a ton of gems by doing some pretty cool and simple things. Since the gems are available to everyone regardless of membership status, we thought we would go over how you can earn the gems in Animal Jam first.

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Find Gem Codes- National Geographic Magazine is just one of the many places that have gem codes for Animal Jam. There are websites as well that will give you the gem codes for Animal Jam, including us right here at Finding the gem codes are not very difficult to do, especially since our website and many other websites have this information for you every month. You might not always get a lot of free gems this way, but it is a great way to earn gems without doing anything other than looking up the information.

Go on Adventures– If you have been playing Animal Jam for any length of time, you probably have seen the Adventures area in the game. You can head out on these Adventures and find that you earn gems for completing the adventures. Some adventures require a certain type of animal, whereas other adventures it does not matter which animal you have or use in the adventure. There are bad people in the Adventures though, which are known as Phantoms. If you want to get even more gems, you can get rid of these Phantoms every time you see them in your Adventure. You will earn 25 gems for each Phantom that you kill during the Adventure, so keep your eyes open so that you can kill them and earn more gems. You also want to grab every chest you see during the Adventures too, because sometimes the chests will contain gems.

Earn Gems Through Games- There are plenty of games in Animal Jam you can choose to play that give away gems as rewards. Sky High and Best Dressed are two of the most popular games in Animal Jam, and both games give you a lot of gems for getting high scores or winning the game. Another game that has a lot of gems is “Overflow” and all of these games are pretty quick and easy to play, but also have a high payout reward for a few minutes of work. The games found in Jamaa and Sol Arcade are very fun too, so you will not get bored sitting there earning gems because it is really fun to play these games. You will find games like Best Dressed also have a lot of other players in Animal Jam playing, which means you can also make friends and chat while you are in there playing games and earning gems. One tip when it comes to playing the games is that if you want to earn more gems in the games, you want to play the games in hard mode because it will payout better than normal or regular mode.

Send Gifts– If you have friends on Animal Jam, which you really should, you can send these friends gifts to earn gems. If you send your friends good or high-end gifts, you are more likely to get gems as a reward for sending gifts. You can send as many gifts as you want or as few as you want, but remember that the more gifts you send the higher your chances of getting gems back as a reward.

Earning Diamonds in Animal Jam: How Premium Currency Works

Since we already told you that the premium currency is the diamonds, you might be wondering how you can get the diamonds if you are not a member of the game. The diamonds are used to get the exclusive items in the game and other rare items in the game, whether it is a special den or type of armor. The online shop is always changing so there are always new and exciting exclusive items coming that you can buy with the diamonds. If you do not have the VIP membership to Animal Jam, do not worry because you can still earn diamonds as well, but you will not be earning nearly as many as the paid members of the game.

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Enter into Contests- On Animal Jam, you will find a section on “Daily Explorer” that shows all of the contests and giveaways going on in the game. If you want to get diamonds in Animal Jam, you want to enter into the contests because the contests often times have diamonds as a reward for winning the contest. Look for the recent contest and if it is something you want to enter into, and then submit your item or work and you could be selected to win diamonds. A lot of times the contests are art-related, so a lot of people enter and only one or two end up winning. You do not earn many diamonds this way, but 5 diamonds are better than nothing.

Daily Spin- There is something in Animal Jam called the Daily Spin, and this is a free spin on the wheel. Whether you have the free membership or the paid membership, you can head over to the Daily Spin and spin the wheel for your chance to win diamonds. Not everyone will win diamonds on the Daily Spin, but it is a great way to get free diamonds on Animal Jam without having to work for it at all. You get one spin on the Daily Spin every day if you are not a paid member of Animal Jam.

Free Diamonds– If you are a member on Animal Jam, you will get free diamonds every week. This is a small thank you gift basically from Animal Jam for having the VIP membership to the game. You will be able to get your free diamonds once a week, typically on Tuesday, and you will find them automatically added to your diamond stash. You will get the free diamonds weekly for the entire time of your paid membership.

Buy Animal Jam Gift Certificates– If you want to get diamonds; you also can just purchase Animal Jam gift certificates. Often times, the gift certificates will come with a free limited amount of diamonds as a small thank you for purchasing the gift certificates. If you buy the higher-priced gift certificates, then you get more diamonds, and might even get up to 30 diamonds. If you get the lower-priced gift certificates, you might get 5 or 10 diamonds. There are also specific diamond gift certificates available too, which is great if you just want to purchase a lot of diamonds.

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