Hero Up Top Membership Benefits

Do you want to know what the best benefits are if you get a Hero Up paid membership? Well we will be telling you all about that here in a minute. First we want to give you a little rundown of what Hero Up is.

Hero Up is a game that is available online for free and it is aimed at children and teenagers. In this game you get to play as one of your favorite comic book characters and heroes, and you have to fight off enemies that you might recognize from the Marvel series. Although Hero Up is a free-to-play game, there are certain things you cannot do in the game unless you are a paying member. If you have been thinking about getting the VIP membership to Hero Up, then you might want to know just how many benefits come with it so you can figure out if it is worth it or not.

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Hero Up Paid Membership Benefits

Free Gold– As a VIP member of Hero Up, you get 500 free gold each month as a reward. Basically this is just a nice way of saying thank you for getting a paid membership. You will get the 500 free gold every month you are a VIP member of the game.

More Fractals- You will get double the amounts of Fractals in Hero Up if you are a paid member. If you have just the free membership you still get quite a few Fractals, but you get even more as a paid member. If you have played Hero Up at all then you know just how much Fractals can help you in the game, so getting twice the amount just for being a member is well worth it.

Exclusive Sales- You get exclusive sales and offers every week because of your VIP membership in the game. These sales and specials will change all of the time which means you will be able to find new items on sale every week. These are exclusive sales that only are available for members so the non-members will not have access to these special sales and offers.

More Mission Rewards- Mission Rewards are a good thing in Hero Up, and as a paid member you will have more mission rewards and better types of rewards. You can even find exclusive items and rare items as the mission rewards if you have the VIP membership to Hero Up, which is something not available in the free membership. The longer you play the game with your paid membership the better the rewards are and the more likely the mission rewards are exclusive rare items.

Mystery Box Hero- If you are a paid member of Hero Up, you will have more chances to win the Mystery Box Hero set every month. It is hard to win the Mystery Box Hero as it is with the free membership. This means there might be more ways your name could end up being the winner for this mystery item.

Better Friends List- If you like to have a lot of friends in the game, then you might love the fact being a member allows you to have a bigger friends list. The free membership allows you only a certain number of friends that you can add to your friends list. With the paid membership however, you can add even more friends to your friends list, and you can play the game with even more people!

Increase in Login Bonus- If you are a free member of Hero Up, you might notice there is a small login bonus associated with the game. Good news if you get the paid membership as you will have an increase in the login bonus that you get every day you login to the game. This new increased login bonus is only available to you while you have the paid membership, which means it will go back down to the normal range if you cancel your membership.

Jr. Shield Agent Items- Getting the VIP membership to Hero Up also gives you access to a ton of more items and abilities. One of these items and abilities you will be happy to know you will have access to is you have access to the Jr. Shield Agent Items. These items might include some cool gear and accessories as well as possibly becoming a Spy in the game. These special Jr. Shield Agent items give you more prestige in the game and it will make the experience a lot more fun since you can engage in more activities. This is an exclusive offer only for members which also means you will stand out from the crowd and it can help you attract more friends and more rewards after special missions.

We told you about some of the best benefits of having a Hero Up paid membership but these are not the only benefits. You will be amazed at just how many other cool benefits you will have in the game as a paid member. Most of these benefits however do go away if you cancel your membership, so just remember that if and when you decide that you no longer want the membership. Getting these benefits in the game will allow you to not only have more fun but also be more engaged in the game and it will provide a new layer of challenges for you in the game as well.

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