Free Hero Up Membership 2019 – JR Shield Agent & Unlimited Gold

Hero Up is a massively multiplayer online game, known as a MMO, which was developed for younger children and teenagers.

This is a free online game to play, but it does have microtransactions which use the in-game currency or you can get the monthly subscription for more benefits, but this does cost real money. While you do not need to ever buy anything in this game, since it is free to play, you will find yourself having more fun if you do purchase the premium currency, especially if you are someone who might not be playing the game all of the time where you would earn the most in-game currency. In this game, you collect various heroes to form a Squad, and you can choose various characters for the games and activities, which allows you to change and use the characters you want based on the activity at hand since each character has special skills and abilities. When you are playing the game, not only do your heroes increase their powers during combat, but they also unlock various emotes that are used in the world zones of the social game. You alternate controls using either the arrow keys or the letters on the keyboard. You can select your characters to fly or the characters that don’t fly can double jump or high jump. You have gold and fractals which are the two different points used in the game, and the gold points are used to buy anything you want in the game, but you can buy more gold by purchasing it with real money. The fractals in the game allow you to buy anything as well, but are earned in the game over time.


In this game, you get to play missions, and you need to kill a lot of the enemies in the game to reach the final boss, and it is a beat ’em up style of combat. The game world areas are also divided up into zones, such as Baxter Building and Daily Bugle. There is also an achievement system that was put into the game, and they feature various challenges, such as buying new heroes, and each challenge will reward you with a new hero and you will also earn fractals. If you are into Marvel and the Avengers, then Hero Up is a game that you will love because it features everything you want in a superhero online game, and you will love following the stories of each of the characters, and will enjoy watching them level up and progress into real heroes. There are a lot of challenges and other cool types of quests in this game too, which all help you earn in-game currency and help you level up your characters, although the characters can only max out so far. This means that you need to have a variety of characters and heroes to play since you can only get each character so high before they level out XP.

Free Gold For Hero Up in 2019

The premium currency in the game is gold, which is the currency that is only obtained by purchasing it through using real money outside of the game. Gold can be used to get items, heroes, and weapons for your characters and heroes in the game. Gold and fractals are the same in terms of what you can purchase for Hero Up, so there is no real benefit to buying the gold as opposed to using fractals. The only difference is that instead of waiting to get enough fractals in the game, which can take a while, you can purchase a ton of gold at once so you don’t need to wait to get the items and heroes that you want. In terms of what gold and fractals mean, you get 1 gold and it equals out to 10 fractals. You would be better off buying the gold outside of the game if you are looking to get items and heroes quickly, or if you are someone that does not play the game long enough to earn the fractals needed in the game in a timely manner to get the items you want.

Hero Up Free Junior Shield Agent Membership

If you want to become a member of Hero Up, you will need to join the Jr. Shield Agent membership club. As a member, you will be able to get exclusive agent only heroes, which includes having access to Avengers Hawkeye, Iron Man, MK I, Ultimate Thor, and Deadpool. These types of characters and heroes are only available to the Jr. Shield Agents and more are also added on a regular basis. You will also get 500 gold which is awarded to you on a monthly basis. You will continue to get your 500 gold every month as long as you are a member of the Jr. Shield Agent club, and you do not have to do anything to get the 500 gold since it is automatically put into your account. They do this so that you can get the new items and heroes before everyone else, and the 500 points will be in your account every 30 days. There is also a Golden Prize Wheel that is available to the Jr. Shield Agents only, and this gold wheel has many gold rewards you can win. You can get up to 130 gold every day on the Golden Prize Wheel. Becoming a Jr. Shield Agent really is a great way to get more points and exclusive items for the game, and it is really worth the time and money because it will help you get the items you want quicker, and it will also help you become more involved with the game.


With Free Game Memberships you can also use your points to get extra XP, XP boosts speed boosts, armor boosts, damage boosts, sidekick box’s, Heroic box’s, an ultra rare heroic box, and even the exclusive golden hero for free! Just choose what you want to redeem your points for and with each level of how much free gold you want you also get additional prizes like above.

How to Get Free Hero Up Membership

You can get a free membership to Hero Up by using our website, which is Free Game Memberships, and it is a very easy website to use with a simple concept. To sum up what the website is, you just sign up and complete various offers or surveys, which are worth a certain amount of points. When you get enough points in your account, you redeem those points and get memberships to Hero Up, and it goes from 30-days to 1-year.

To go into more details about how to get a free Hero Up membership, you sign up for our website, which earns you 50 points automatically. You need to use your real information when you sign up for the website, since this is how your submitted work is verified. Using real information means you use your real name, address, phone number, email address, and everything else that the sign up form requires. Once you sign up, you will see there are a number of activities on your dashboard, which include surveys and other tasks or offers. These surveys and offers are often from the sponsors, and each of the offers have a value point associated with them. Just click on the survey or offer that you would like to complete, do all of the required work and fill out the information, and then submit your work. Your work is then verified and looked over to make sure everything has been completed, and once it is verified, you will get the points for that offer in your account. Once you have enough points in your account, you can cash out, which is also called redeeming, for a free game membership of your choice. There are 30-day memberships, 60-day memberships, 1-year memberships, and everything in between, and as long as you have the points for that membership, you will be able to redeem your points for it.

There are a few things that could hinder your ability to earn points, and it’s important to know what ways you might end up not getting rewarded points so that you can avoid it and not waste your time. The first issue is that some people try to use fake information, and if you use fake information on the surveys or other offers, you will not have your work accepted during review, and no points will be rewarded to you. You need to use your real information for each survey and offer or else you will be wasting your time because this work will not be accepted. There is also an issue of if you do not complete the survey or offer 100%, which means you need to fill out all parts of the survey and complete all of the required fields and information. If you leave parts of the offer blank, you will not get the points, so make sure you have done everything required of you in that offer so that when it gets reviewed, it will be accepted. You cannot go back once you submit the work, so make sure you have completed everything on that offer before you turn it in. There is also an issue of being disqualified or screened out of offers, which happens occasionally if you do not meet the requirements needed. This is often called demographics, and this is your age, location, gender, and career or job. Some surveys and offers are looking for people of a certain age or certain gender, and if you do not meet the criteria needed, you will be screened out and disqualified from that offer. This does not go against your account in any way, because being disqualified or screened out due to demographics is just something that happens because you will not qualify for every offer you try to complete.


A good thing about Free Game Memberships is that you also can earn points without doing any work, which happens due to the fact you can refer your friends and family, and then earn points from what they do. If you get your friends or family to sign up for the website, you will get commission off of every survey they completed and got accepted. For example, if your friend signed up and they did a 1,000 point survey, you will get 100 points. Every survey the person you referred completes, you get 10% of that survey value. So a 500 point survey your friend completed will earn you 50 points. You must ensure your friends sign up under your referral link to get the credit, and there is no limit on the amount of people you can refer, so you can earn a lot of points based off of just commission, which is always 10% of what that survey value is. This is a great way to get even more free game memberships, and get them faster, especially if you refer a lot of friends who complete a lot of surveys and offers.

Tips and Tricks for Hero Up

When you are playing Hero Up, there are a lot of things that you can do to help you progress through the game, and it will also help you when it comes to earning more in-game currency. Here are some of the best tips and tricks that will help you in Hero Up, which gives you more of a chance to get better heroes and items.

Pay Attention to the Tutorial– Like a lot of other games, Hero Up has a tutorial in the beginning, which will go through the basics of the game. You really need to go through the tutorial and pay attention to everything the tutorial is telling you, because it will really help you get the hang of the game quicker, and this will help you enjoy the game more right off the bat. The tutorial teaches you a lot of the moves that you need to use during the various Zones and missions. You will also learn about the game’s store and what all you can buy in the store, and what currency you need in order to buy those items. The tutorial also shows you the screen navigation and what the Prize Wheel is, which are all important aspects to Hero Up. A lot of people think that they don’t need to use the tutorial, especially if they have played similar games in the past or know a lot about the characters, but that is not true. In order to have the most fun with the game and not get frustrated with the game, you have to go through the tutorial just to get the basics and the overall gameplay controls.

Know the Chats– There are also two different types of chat in Hero Up, and it is important to know about these chats because it can help you in the game. It is important though to remember, if you are under age 13, you will only be allowed to use the Menu Chat and not the Safe Chat. When you setup your gaming account it will ask you your age, and this is how the game determines which chat you are allowed to use. This means that if you put under age 13 when you sign up, you will not be able to change this information later on to be able to use the better chat, but you also should not lie when you sign up just to use the better chat.

hero-up-ironmanPlay the Missions– When you are playing Hero Up, you are allowed to either play the missions solo or you can play the missions with up to a team of 4 heroes. The more heroes you use in the missions, the harder the missions will be. It might be better in the beginning, when you are new to the game, just to go at the missions solo, since the difficulty level will not be nearly as bad. Once you get used to the controls and the gameplay, then you can go into the missions with more heroes, although if you go in with all 4 that is allowed, the difficulty is going to be much harder, so make sure you know what you are doing before you decide to use all 4 heroes.

Short Missions Give You More XP– When you are playing this game, it is a good thing to play the shorter and easier missions, because you will be able to earn more XP this way. XP is important in this game because it levels up your heroes and makes the combat easier if you have more XP and higher stats. A lot of the shorter missions also give you more XP than the harder and longer missions, so definitely work on shorter missions if you want to gain XP without much work. Some of the best missions for this are the Doc Ock missions and Magento missions. The Doc Ock missions include Claw and Disoder and Ock it to Me! For the Mageneto missions the ones you need to work on are the Super-Sized and Magnetized, and Attack of the Iron Men! The Creatures of Night Dracula mission is also useful if you want to earn a lot of XP without working too hard.

Grab the Tokens– Throughout Hero Up, there are tokens at various locations, such as in Daily Bugle, Villainville, and Baxter Plaza. Make sure you are grabbing up all of the tokens that you can because the tokens give you the parts you need for your invention if you are crafting. Each of the heroes in your squad can find up to 5 parts each day, and if you are stuck, then grab a different hero and continue looking out for the parts. You can go under the My Squad page and then click the “Crafting” tab once you have parts, and then there will be a list on the left side of all the items you can craft. You will also see a Goodies section, which is where the potions and upgrades are located, and if you find one you like, just click the button next to it to see the recipe for it. You will find out that it is pretty easy to gather all of the parts you need to craft these various items, but remember that each hero can only collect 5 a day, so it might take a couple days to get all the parts for a certain item or recipe.

Play the Challenges– In Hero Up, the challenges are basically the in-game quests, and there are over 40 of these scattered throughout the game. Once you complete a quest, you earn a prize, and they are all different prizes depending upon what quest you are doing, but all of the prizes are good. You can get free characters, gold, silver, and a lot of other items for rewards in the quests, so definitely focus on completing the quests, and use different characters if you need to in order to beat the quests and challenges. You might think that the challenges are dumb or boring, but the bottom line is that you earn free items and gold for doing them, so it really is the best way to not only increase XP and levels, but also earn free items. The challenges are also a great way to enhance your skills and get a better grip on what abilities your characters have, and it can help you when it comes time to combat where you have to click the buttons and move fast in order to beat up an enemy that is coming towards you with speed.

Know Your Characters– In Hero Up, it is important that you know your characters, and by this I mean you need to know what each character does and what the skills are for that character. Not all of your heroes will have the same abilities and skills, so make sure you know what your character is known for or is good at, since this will help you in battle, and help you win against enemies you face in the game. You also might need a specific hero to do the missions and quests, so make sure that you know what abilities that character has, and then switch up the heroes if you need a special skills to complete the mission or challenge.