Helpful MovieStarPlanet Tips for Parents

MovieStarPlanet is an online virtual world for children and teenagers where you can go and make movies, play games, and also chat with friends. You can create your own movie star avatar in the game, dressing him or her up in various clothing items. In this online virtual world you can even enter into movie competitions every week, and the three winners get gold coins, diamonds and even free days of the VIP membership.

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You can choose to play MovieStarPlanet using either the free membership or getting the VIP membership. If you get the VIP membership you can get more Fame, more in-game premium currency, more movies and an increased buddy list. Regardless of the membership you have, there are still some tips that parents need to keep in mind in order to keep their child happy and safe while on the website. We thought it would be a good idea to give you a few helpful tips that can ensure as a parent you are doing everything you can in order to keep your child’s MovieStarPlanet account safe. If you plan on letting your child play MovieStarPlanet then continue reading these tips to learn how to keep your child safe while playing.

MovieStarPlanet Helpful Tips for Parents

Make Internet Connection Secured– In this day and age, you need to ensure your internet connection is secured with a password. This is because you are responsible for what someone else does while using your internet connection. If someone plays MovieStarPlanet while using your internet connection and does something that gets them banned from the game, it is highly likely anyone under that IP address while get automatically banned as well.
You need to make your internet secured with a password that is hard to guess and cannot be easily hacked into. If someone does something wrong using your IP address, your entire household could end up suffering because of it. You also will have a hard time trying to convince the staff at MovieStarPlanet that it was not your child who was wrong, so make sure you do everything you can to ensure that their account stays safe. Also you should report anything suspicious that happens on your MovieStarPlanet account which could indicate your account was hacked, and this is one way you could potentially prove it was not your child who engaged in bannable behaviors.

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This is also a good thing to do because if someone makes another player mad in MovieStarPlanet they could end up trying to hack into your child’s account as retaliation not even realizing that it was not your child who was being mean. Even though there is heavy moderation on MovieStarPlanet, including chat filters, there are things that can get through the moderation and filters. These things include someone trying to spam, hack or scam the game, and these situations could lead to the person being permanently banned from the game, so make sure your internet is safe from these possible outcomes.

Talk about Personal Online Safety- If you think your child might want to play MovieStarPlanet, you should sit them down and talk to them about online safety rules. These rules include never giving out your real name, address, phone number, town, school, and other information someone could use to track down your child in real life. Even if the person does not intend to pursue in real life, that other person could post the information online or on the MovieStarPlanet forums.

Even though moderators would remove this type of information quickly, it is still possible someone could see it and write down the information before it was removed. The person who posted up the information would also be banned from the game, but sometimes it is not possible to ban the person before the damage is already done. You need to tell your child also about never giving out last names on MovieStarPlanet or anything that could be used to identify them or your family.

You could come up with a name that your child could use online to play MovieStarPlanet, such as a fake first name, which can protect them and their privacy even more while having fun and interacting with others through the game. Allowing your child to make a fake first name is a good way to ensure that they use this name across all online virtual worlds and games, and makes it less likely someone will find out or know their real information.

Encourage Reporting Players- On MovieStarPlanet you can report players who are being inappropriate or harassing your child. You need to ensure your child knows the types of players or comments that should be reported to the MovieStarPlanet moderators and staff. The reporting option is easy on MovieStarPlanet because you can just click the profile of the user, then click the button where it says “Report” and then type in the reasons why you are reporting them. You want to go through this with your child and show them how to report a player while playing on MovieStarPlanet.

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You also should really write down on a piece of paper the steps to take to report a player on MovieStarPlanet and keep that by the computer. Keeping that paper close to the computer can encourage your child to report players as soon as an incident happens, and make them feel that they can handle and report the situation themselves. Even if they report it themselves, you need to talk to your child about the behaviors or comments that you would want to know about immediately, such as a direct threat to your child or family or a very nasty message either in a rude or sexual manner.

You need to ensure your child knows that reporting a player is not snitching or bad and it is something your child should never feel bad about doing. On MovieStarPlanet, once you report a player the moderators and staff will look over the alleged incident and then take action on that player if needed, such as a weekly ban or a permanent ban if the situation is serious enough. You need to tell your child that everything is looked at once it is reported, so if the person was not doing anything wrong they will not get into trouble. Your child also will not get into trouble for reporting a player if it turns out the player was not doing anything wrong, so there is no harm in reporting players if you think they are doing something questionable or bothering you. Other things that your child needs to know to report include bullying, sexual harassment or sexually explicit messages or chats, and threats of violence towards your child or another player on MovieStarPlanet.

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