Habbo VIP Membership Benefits

There are a lot of benefits that you will have access to if you decide to purchase a Habbo VIP membership that we are going to be telling you all about. If you have not heard about Habbo it is a virtual world for children and teenagers where you can create your avatar and then chat with other users from all over the place. Habbo is more like a virtual world where the main idea is connecting and talking to players as opposed to playing games, but it is still considered an MMOG which is a massively multiplayer online game.

In Habbo you can build rooms for your avatars as well as participate in artistic events. One of the major differences with Habbo is that you do not use real money to pay for your membership, but instead use coins to pay. These coins are the in-game currency and just by collecting coins in the game you can pay for your Habbo Club membership. There are many reasons to have the Habbo Club membership, which is the paid VIP option in Habbo.

We are going to tell you about the benefits and reasons behind getting the Habbo Club membership. The best part about it is that once you redeem your coins towards the membership, you begin getting these benefits immediately. This is great for people who want to have the benefits of the membership right away as opposed to waiting.

Habbo VIP Membership Benefits

Free Furniture Items Monthly- As a paying member of Habbo, you will have access to free furniture that you can use to decorate your room. You get one free item each month just for being a paying member of Habbo. While the free furniture you get monthly might not always be what you want, it does give you the chance to save your coins for the other items in the game you might want to purchase.

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Room Layouts- As a paid member of Habbo you also will get more rooms and more room layouts. These are exclusive rooms and layouts only for members, and it gives you the chance to personalize your house even more. You will notice these exclusive member-only rooms and layouts are bigger and this means that you can have more furniture items in your house and it gives you more ways to be inventive and creative with your own designs.

Free Badge– You get a free badge as a member and this allows you to show off the fact you are a paid member of the game. The free membership to Habbo does not get this cool badge, which does show up on your profile. This allows other players in the game to see you have a paid Habbo membership and that you are a VIP member with bigger rooms and more benefits. This is a good way to make more friends as well, especially friends that are also members of the game.

Bigger Friends List- If you have the free Habbo membership you will only have the ability to put 300 friends on your list. If you get the paid Habbo membership however, you can have 1,100 friends and this means you will have more fun in the game since you can talk to and share with more people. If you are a very social person and love chatting with new people and a lot of people you will love this member-only benefit in Habbo.

More Clothing Choices– If you have the paid membership in Habbo you will have more style choices and color choices on clothing items. Non-members only have certain items in certain colors they can choose from. Being a member allows you the chance to be more unique and show off your personality since you will have the chance to wear various clothes that are not available to non-members.

Creating Groups– If you have been playing Habbo at all, you probably have noticed only members can create groups these days. This means that non-members and those with free memberships cannot create groups. If you like to create groups and have various people to talk to in different circles then you will love how you can create your own groups in the game with the VIP membership.

More Dances- You also will be able to get three new dances that are member-only exclusive items. You do get a lot of dances with the free membership but these three unique dances are only available for members. These dances include the Duck Funk, Pogo Mogo and The Rollie and you will have a ton of fun with these dances for the entire time you have your paid membership.

More Catalog Options- You have a ton of options in the catalog, but being a paid member allows you to have more catalog options in Habbo. These will feature items that are only available to the members and can include furniture and clothing items. There are always new items coming into the catalog for the paying members so you will not get bored seeing the same thing over and over as it always changes with the trends. The really good part about the catalog is that you will find unique items that only members can have which means that you can decorate your house and rooms to show off all of the cool items you can only get with the paid membership.

These are just some of the best benefits you will notice if you have a paid Habbo membership. You will have all of these benefits plus more for the entire time you have your Habbo membership. If you are not sure it is worth it then get the lowest Habbo membership to try it out and then if you like these benefits, you can always get the higher memberships with the coins you earn in the game. You will find that the paid membership gives you so many cool items and options that it is well worth the coins each month.

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