Guide to the Parent Dashboard in Animal Jam

In Animal Jam, whether you have a free membership or paid membership, there is a Parent Dashboard that parents can use in the game. The Parent Dashboard is where parents can go to change settings and manage their child’s online Animal Jam account. Due to the fact Animal Jam is a game for children, every Animal Jam player account has to be linked to a Parent Dashboard to ensure safety. This is definitely one of the best features of Animal Jam because a child cannot play Animal Jam or make an account without having a parent involved in the process.

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This also means that younger children are able to play Animal Jam and you know they will be safe due to the fact you have to be attached to the game as well through the Parent Dashboard. We thought we would tell you all about the Parent Dashboard and how the Parent Dashboard works so you can know your options before signing your child up for the game.

Animal Jam Parent Dashboard Guide:

You can do so many things in the Parent Dashboard and it does not matter if your child is using a free membership or a VIP membership in the game. You will find that the settings and options you can change in the Parent Dashboard will keep you more involved in the process of your child playing the game, and it is a good way to get your child into a game for the first time. All of the emails that you will get about Animal Jam and your child’s online experience are also sent directly to the email associated with the Parent Dashboard. Some of the account options you can access via the Parent Dashboard include the following:

  • Resetting passwords
  • Login history
  • Enabling or disabling accounts
  • Chat options
  • Account status and discipline history
  • Membership controls and settings
  • Redemption code history and billing history
  • Trading abilities and gifting abilities

You should know that only members have the standard chat option so if you are using a free membership you will not have much to change in the chat options section. Also, if you have a paid membership there are often times more features available to you that you will be able to change and adjust in the Parent Dashboard. Either way there are still many features of Animal Jam that you will be able to change in the Parent Dashboard and it is the easiest way to keep tabs on your child or children who are playing Animal Jam.

Activating Parent Dashboard

Find the Welcome Email- In order to activate the Parent Dashboard you need the Welcome email from Animal Jam when you created your child’s account. It could be in Junk or Spam so check there if you do not get the email within a few hours.

Click the Link- Once you have the email just click the link in the email or right click and hit “Open in New Tab” so the link opens in another tab.

Type Your Password- At that point you will need to just type in a password you want to use for the Parent Dashboard and then hit “Continue” and then the Parent Dashboard will be activated. It is important to know that you can only have five player accounts on each parent email address.

Resetting Parent Dashboard Password

If you would like to reset the password just go to the Parent Dashboard login screen and click “Forgot Your Password” right below. Type in the email associated with the Parent Dashboard and click on “Submit.” You will then get an email with the link you can use to reset your password for the Parent Dashboard, which might take an hour to get. If you do not see the email then look in your “Spam” or “Junk” email folders. Once you get the email, click on the link to open it in a new browser tab and then type in a new password in the appropriate box. You need to type out the new password twice before your new Parent Dashboard password will be confirmed.

Updating Parent Dashboard Password

If you want to update your password just login to your Parent Dashboard and then click on the right side where it says “Change Parent Password.” You will need to type your password you are using currently and then type in a new password that you want to change to. Click on “Save” and then you will be able to use that new password the next time you login to your Parent Dashboard.

Deleting Player Account

Deleting or Disabling a Player Account is easy through the Parent Dashboard, and once it is disabled the player can no longer log in and play Animal Jam. You can delete a player account regardless of membership status, which means free memberships and paid memberships can both be deleted the same way.

If you delete the player account on Animal Jam all information on that account is deleted forever. This includes gems, pets, items, dens, in-game animals and everything else associated with the game. This is a permanent thing and you cannot reverse the account deletion once it is done. This means you need to make sure you want to delete the account for good before you do it, and do not delete the account based on a spur of the moment impulse.

If you would like to delete the account, unlike just disabling the account, you will have to email Animal Jam staff. You will need the player account username, parent email, any confirmation number if you purchased a membership and sometimes a little more information if required. If you are just disabling the account for a period of time, you can just do this through the Parent Dashboard.

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