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Gold Is the Currency in Game of War: Fire Age

If you are playing Game of War: Fire Age, then you know that this is a freemium game where you need a lot of gold in order to progress through the game. You need the gold for a lot of the different aspects of this game, which is done by purchasing bundles through the app store. For a 20,000 pack of gold, it will cost you $100, which is really expensive, and has caused a lot of people to rack up thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Some of the things you will need the gold packs for is to finish the buildings of your city quicker, VIP 30 days, advanced teleport, equipment bag, golden pickaxe, and a torch. You can also purchase a Sacrificial Dagger, Iron Shackle, Book of War, advanced speed up chest, Master’s hammer, and a peace shield.

What is Game of War: Fire Age?

Game of War: Fire Age is a freemium MMO strategy game that was developed by Machine Zone, and it is available for free on iOS and Android devices in 2019. This is a city-building game where you have to gather various resources in order to produce troops and create your buildings, and you will also have to advance research through innovation and technology. You will have to either wait out the time it takes to complete the construction projects or you can use in-app currency to finish the jobs quicker, which then allows you to progress through the game much faster. In terms of freemium games, which are free games that require real money purchases to make a lot of the upgrades in the game, this is one of the worst games for asking for payments. If you do not purchase gold currency through the in-app purchasing option, then you will not make it through the game, so you will need all the free gold you can get.

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