Free Wizard101 Crowns – Codes for 2019

So you play Wizard101 and want to get more crowns? Problem is you don’t want to spend money and buy crowns? Well, you’re in the right place because on we now offer free Wizard101 crowns as a redemption option! That right you can use the points you earn to not only get memberships but now in 2019 you can also get crowns! So avoid all those fake crown hacks, scams, having to wait for sales, or using old codes that you found online, get a brand new 100% free codes for wizard101!

How It Works

Just like any other redemption on you just need to complete offers which earn you points.  Companies pay us for the offers being completed and we then use that money to buy Wizard101 Crown Codes in the form of gift cards.  Once you’ve earned enough points on the website you can choose to redeem them for whatever you want! Due to requests from users we’ve now added crowns for Wizard101 as a redemption offer! Sidenote: If there is ever anything you think would make a good redemption (and is possible to buy gift cards or pre-paid codes for) let us know! We are always looking to bring the best offers to our users, we just need to know what you want most!

What Are Wizard101 Crowns

Crowns super important in the game.  Using them you can get access to premium zones in the game (see pricing chart here), buy special stuff in the crown shop, and participate in events like Ranked PvP and the Pet Derby, and more!

Earning crowns in the game takes a lot of time, real-life money, or finding a way to refer a ton of people to signup for the game.  All these things make it hard to get as many as most players want. So why not just join, watch a few videos, take a few surveys and get yourself 2500, 5000, 30000, or even 60000 crowns!

We have all the redemption options available so however many you are looking to get we’ve got you covered.

Then once you’ve got the amount you need head over to the shop and get yourself a new rare pet, some weapons/gear power up your wizard, hire a “ringer” to help you in your next boss battle, or really whatever you think is best! There are tons of options but you need to get those free crowns first!

Wizard101 – About The Game

If you made it this far and don’t even know what Wizard101 is then

  1. You have a much better attention span than I do
  2. You need to find out what you are missing out on!

So Wizard101 is a super popular mmorpg (online multiplayer game) where you play as a wizard.  You can make friends, train and duel other players or online enemies, or just explore the expansive world.  The opportunities are endless and really up to your imagination how you experience everything. It was launched back in 2009 and has grown into one of the most popular virtual world games of all time with over 50 million active users from around the world. In fact the game became so popular that the creator, Kings Isle Entertainment, launched another game based build around Pirates called Pirate101 (very creative naming process over at KingsIsle.)

That said if you haven’t tried it out yet we really recommend giving it a go! It’s free to sign up and if you decide you like it, you know where you can go to get yourself a membership or some free crowns!

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