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Club Penguin is a winter-themed virtual world for children where they can use a penguin avatar to play games, chat with friends and so much more. You can either get a free membership on Club Penguin or you can get the VIP membership. The VIP membership costs real money but offers a bunch of perks and benefits such as more ways to earn in game currency and it gives you more igloos to decorate.

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Regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or a paid membership to Club Penguin, you will be able to play various games online either by yourself or with another Club Penguin player. These games are relatively quick and easy and offer you ways to earn coins, which is the currency in the game. You can then use these coins to purchase items from the in-game store, such as more decorations or clothing items for your igloo or penguin.

We thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about the game Find Four. This is one of the best games on Club Penguin because it is very easy to play and it is over quickly. This is good because you can play for an hour and end up winning a ton of coins or you can play for a few minutes to get a good collection of coins going. Find Four is also a popular game because it is based from a real game you probably know of. Even if you never played Find Four before in real life, the rules are simple, so continue reading to learn all about this game and how to play it in Club Penguin.

Club Penguin: Find Four Game Guide

What is Find Four- Find Four is actually a game you probably have heard of in real life. You try to block your opponent with chips, giving you four in a row. You will either have red or blue chips to play with, and you need your four same-colored chips to make a row or line in any direction.

Find Four Location- In Club Penguin, you will need to go into the Ski Lodge to play Find Four. This is in Ski Village and it is a crucial part of Club Penguin where most of the games are located. You can just click on the game once you are inside Ski Lodge to begin playing. There are also more areas to play this game up in the Lodge Attic.

Playing Find Four– You will need to try to get the chips into rows by using your mouse, so there is no need for a keyboard in this game which is pretty cool. You will click the mouse in order to drop the chips into the main part of the game. You need to connect four chips in a row. If you win you get 10 coins and if you lose you get 5 coins, so there is no real loser in Find Four. Find Four is actually one of the best games in Club Penguin for this reason, because even if you lose you end up getting coins that are useful for many things in Club Penguin.

Find Four Tips– You will need to start in the middle if you want the most opportunities to get your four chips in a row. Once you have the first chip down you can build around that in either direction whether it be up or down or left or right. You need to make sure you are blocking your opponent because they can come in and steal a spot which could mess up your four in a row.

It is easier if you try to go with a two way situation so that if your opponent blocks you, you can then go the other way with the chips and still win. Even though you want to get four in a row to win, you need to ensure you are also blocking your opponent too because you do not want them to get four in a row first and end up winning. So there is a little bit of offense and defense involved in this game, but it is pretty quick and easy to play to build up coins quickly.

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