Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a rewards site on which users can earn free game memberships by completing offers or downloading games.  Advertisers pay us when people complete offers and we give you free memberships!


What if I mark the offer as complete without actually completing it?

We check to make sure that the offer has actually been completed. If you mark it and it has not been done, you will not receive any points and the offer will disappear.


Do you really give away game memberships for free? How is this possible?

Yes we do! Our sponsors pay when you complete their offers and surveys.


How does work?

1. Sign Up: It only takes a minute to sign up and we even give you 50 points just for signing up!

2. Earn Points: Complete quick and easy surveys from our sponsors to earn points. Some of them even have games that earn points too!

3. Get A Free Membership: Cash in the points you’ve earned for a free game membership!

Do I get points if I refer my friends?

Yes! You can earn 10% comission for every friend you refer. So if your friend joins and earns 1000 points, you get 100 points!


What does it mean if my order is still pending or reversed?

There are a few possible reasons:

If you entered false information – A fake name, address, email, etc.
You didn’t fully complete the requirements of the offer.
You didn’t fit in the advertiser’s target demographic.
Your browser does not have cookies enabled.

Why can’t I use my points for a certain item?

You will only be able to use your points on an item if you have enough to buy it.


Can I earn points for following you on Twitter or liking you on Facebook?

Yes. First you need to follow/like us then mark the Twitter/Facebook link as complete on the “Earn Points” page. Then we’ll check if you actually did so and give you points!


Why did my account get banned?

You violated something in our Terms of Service agreement. Read through it and see what applies to you. You can contact us to appeal if you think your account should be reinstated.


Why have I not received points for an order that I completed?

It can sometimes take time to verify that you actually completed the offer. Give it some time for us to verify and you will receive your points.
How do I contact

Email is the best way to reach us. We usually reply within a day or two.