Fantage Guide: Tips on Earning Stars Quickly

Fantage is a virtual world MMORPG where you can chat with your friends, customize and build your room, play games, complete various missions and even dress up your avatar. In Fantage, you can purchase items you need or want through the virtual store using in-game currency. Stars are one of the currencies within Fantage and you can use Stars to purchase many items.

You might be sitting at home playing Fantage already, and if you are then you know that it can be hard sometimes to earn enough Stars to purchase the items you need or want.

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If that sounds like you then you are in luck because we are going to be telling you some of the best ways you can earn Stars in Fantage. If you follow our guide and tips then you will be on your way to earning a bunch of Stars quickly, and this helps you have more fun in Fantage. Here are some of the best tips that we have to help you when it comes to collecting Stars.

Fantage Tips for Earning More Stars

Login Daily- One tip we can give you to earn Stars quickly on Fantage is to login to your account everyday. If you login to your Fantage account daily, you will get Stars just for logging in. If you login to your Fantage account 7 days in a row then you will get 300 or more Stars as a bonus.

The weekly login bonus amount does change, which means one week it might be 300 while another week it could be 200 Stars or 400 Stars. You do not have to do anything either, simply login to your account and you will earn the login Stars on Fantage. This means if you do not want to play Fantage that day, simply close out the window after you login and you still earn the login Stars.

Read the Tutorials– On Fantage, there are a lot of tutorials that you can read and these will also give you Stars without you having to really work for them. The tutorials are actually the quickest way and the easiest way to earn Stars on Fantage. You can earn 2,000 Stars for each tutorial that you read, although the gems tutorial does not give you this amount of Stars. There are a handful of tutorials that you can complete on Fantage and there might be more added in the future so keep checking back once you finish all of the available ones every month or so.

Apply to be a Reporter- You can become a reporter on Fantage, which allows you to earn Stars rather quickly. If you do not know what a reporter is on Fantage, it is just someone who takes pictures. For each picture you send in, you are able to earn 25 stars.

To become a reporter all you need to do is click the “Reporter” button which is on the top of the screen and then click on the “R” on the left upper corner. There is a small quiz you need to take in order to become a reporter and if you pass the quiz, then you are in. You can then take three pictures and send them to the editor by clicking “Send to editor.” This is a really fun and easy way to earn Stars because you can earn 200 or more a day if you just send in 10 pictures a day.

Participate in Mini Quests- You will notice that in Fantage you have mini quests. If you want to earn Stars often and without doing too much work, you can do these mini quests. Each of the mini quests that you complete gives you 250 Stars. There are a lot of mini quests within Fantage that you can do and there are a lot of mini quests that come and go throughout the months so you will have plenty of them to do as time goes by.

Play the Games- There are a ton of games in Fantage and if you want to know a good tip for earning Stars, then you need to know playing games is a great way to earn these Stars quickly. In Fantage, you earn more Stars if you have more skills, so all of the Stars you earn are based upon the skills that you have at hand. This means that if you are someone who is good at math, then doing the math games and getting the questions all right will allow you to earn more stars. If you are not good at math, then you will likely not earn that many Stars on the math-related games in Fantage. There are also new games added into Fantage regularly, which is cool because you will not get bored.

Participate in Fashion Shows- In Fantage, there are Fashion Shows that you can either host or attend. If you host or attend these Fashion Shows you will earn Stars, and we mean a lot of Stars. If you win the Fashion Show then you will earn even more Stars, although this can be time-consuming because you are with other players and you have to be judged as well. If you win the Fashion Show you also can earn bodyguards so that is a cool added bonus as well besides just winning Stars.

Become a Waiter- You can head over to Chez Fantage and get a job as a waiter. If you get this waiter job then you will have to serve people food and drinks. If you are good at your job, you will earn a bunch of Stars. This is just like real life in terms of working in customer service and the Stars you earn, which is your tip, is all dependent upon how good you are. You will also likely make more friends by getting this job as a waiter because if people like you and the work you do, they will ask to become your friend.

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