Essential Neopets In-Game Tips

Playing Neopets is very fun and simple whether you have a free membership or paid membership, which makes it great for children of all ages. There are a lot of tips though that you might want to follow in order to become more successful and earn more currency to buy items you want in the store. If you have not heard about Neopets before then you should know that this is a game in which you are in a virtual world and you adopt pets that you interact with. These pets need to be bathed, fed and played with in the game and then you can purchase items in the game in order to customize your Neopet to fit your personality.

The best part about Neopets is that you own virtual pets in this little world and you can make them happy just by playing with them like you would a real animal. There are games you can play with your Neopet as well and you also can chat with friends and other players in the game too.

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Even though you can get through the game without using our tips, you will find that our tips will really help you enjoy the game in a new way. By following these tips you will find that your pets are also happier and healthier and you will really get the full virtual pet owning experience.

Neopets In-Game Tips

Refer Friends- You do want to refer your friends to Neopets because you get items for each friend who signs up, both with the free membership and VIP membership to Neopets. You will receive prizes and other items just by getting other people to join the website using your own referral link and code. The items you earn when you refer a friend will help you out in the game since the items are really valuable and hard to get some of the time. The more friends you have the more items you will get, so make new friends at school and tell them to sign up!

Always Play Stock Markets– In Neopets, you can play the stock markets. You want to always play the stock markets because you will earn NeoPoints for this. You want to always buy stocks in 1 NeoPoint and then you can sell those at 2 NeoPoints. Basically if you buy all of the items at 1 NeoPoint you will double your in-game currency if you decide to then sell those stocks. You can use the money you get from selling your stocks and buy new items for your Neopets. If you wait longer to sell your stocks after you buy them then you will get more NeoPoints when it is time to sell since you are playing the stock market.

Keep NeoPoints in the Bank– In Neopets, you should really keep a lot of your NeoPoints in the bank. This is because you want to make sure you have money in the bank as a security blanket just in case you need it. If you ever run low on NeoPoints then you will have money in the bank you can go grab and it is basically just a safety net in terms of your finances in the game. Do not keep all of your NeoPoints in the bank though, but you should keep about half or so in there for a rainy day. Another reason you want to put NeoPoints in the bank is because if you keep it on you then you could end up getting it stolen away from you. In order to keep your currency safe just keep it in the bank where it is safe.

Play the Games- Another in-game tip for Neopets you should follow is to always play the games. You want to play the games because it will help keep your pets happy and healthy. Playing the games, such as Scorchy and Kacheek Seek, will also earn you a lot of currency and then you can use this currency to buy items in the Neopets store. You will also notice that you earn a lot of NeoPoints by playing the games and you earn more NeoPoints playing games more than doing anything else in the virtual world.

Do Not Buy Food Often- While you need to feed your Neopet, you do not want to go buy food too often. Too much food is a bad thing because you do not need that much food. Another reason why you should not buy food too often is because it is expensive. There are a lot of other things you could spend your currency on and buying food takes away from the other items you could be or should be buying.

Gorm Ball Gives Rare Items– While you are playing games in Neopets, you want to regularly play the game Gorm Ball. Gorm Ball is the one game you can play to get rare items and you can get these items regardless of whether or not you have the free membership or the VIP membership. These items are both rare and uncommon and you will find yourself getting items that not many other players have just by playing this game.

Buy Fearies- You do want to buy a lot of Fearies in Neopets and you can find these in the magic store. The reason you want to buy these Fearies is because you can get them cheap and then resell them or even put them up for auction to earn yourself more money. Basically buy them for cheap and then you can double or triple your money when you sell them. You easily can get 1,000 NeoPoints for each Fearie when you resell them so make sure you buy mass of them and flip them so you can make more money and buy other items you need.

Get Free Food– Since we told you not to purchase food, you might be wondering how to feed your pet. You can get free food in the game, which is why you do not need to buy it, and you can do this by heading to the Giant Omelette. The Giant Omelette is where you go to get your pets some free food and you can do this as many times as you would like there is no limit.

Advent Calendar Freebies- During the month of December, you can get free items by heading to the Advent Calendar. This is only for the month of December so keep that in mind for when winter comes and the free stuff is everyday and sometimes very cool rare items.

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