Easy Ways to Earn Gems in Animal Jam

Diamonds and gems are two types of currency that is earned in Animal Jam through various means. If you are currently playing Animal Jam you might also be wondering how you can earn more of this currency. One of the best types of currency to earn in Animal Jam is gems, and there are many ways you can earn the gems within the game.

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The gems are the main currency and are used more than the diamonds to purchase the items from the Animal Jam store. We wanted to let you know some of the best and easiest ways you too can earn a bunch of gems in Animal Jam.

Easy Ways To Earn Gems in Animal Jam

Snag Codes- There are a ton of places online that will give you various gem codes for free. Of course you have to be careful because not all websites are legit, but there are real gem code offers out there for you if you look. You can simply go and search out Animal Jam gem codes online and you will quickly find websites that host a ton of these codes and they can be yours for no price at all.

You should know that most of the time these codes are just put out there and you should not have to download anything in order to get these codes as they are often just listed on a website. You can get the National Geographic Magazine as well since that often times contains a gems code that you can use too.

The Best Dressed Game- If you are playing Animal Jam, you might have noticed there is a game called Best Dressed. The Best Dressed game is the best game out there in terms of earning gems easily and there are a ton of players who use this game to earn more gems. For this game all you do is simply dress up for the theme that the game gives you. If you are matched with more than 7 players then you will earn more gems.

If you get first place in the Best Dressed competition then you will get 200 gems and the prizes go down from there. This is a fun game that is quick and really easy and it will help you earn gems without having to work too hard. You also will be able to make new friends by playing this game.

Play Other Games Like Sky High- There are a lot of other games in Animal Jam that you can play as well which give you a lot of gems. One of the best games to play to earn a lot of gems is Sky High and this game also counts the gems out for you as well. You will notice that if you go into other games like “Overflow” you can earn even more gems just by heading into difficult mode instead.

Splash-and-Dash is another game where you can earn more gems by going into the game through the “Pro” mode which is like difficult mode as well. If you do not think that hard mode or pro mode is where you are at in Animal Jam then keep playing regular mode to get better. The better you are going into pro or difficult mode the more gems you will earn by placing higher in the game.

Adventures Give Gems Too- You also can go into Animal Jam and head over to the Adventures because you earn gems this way as well. You can use any animals in the adventures too which is really cool. The only thing you have to do to earn gems with the adventures is simply complete them. Each adventure that you complete you earn a prize, which in this case are gems or an item with gems.

If you do not want the item if you are given that as a prize you can sell the item to earn even more gems as well. You will also see chests in the adventures and you want to make sure you pick all of these up as you go because there are some goodies hidden in them as well. Whether it be gems or another item you can use or sell for more gems, the chests are important to pick up when possible.

Give Gifts- You can send gifts to your friends in Animal Jam as well and this can help you earn gems. You want to make sure that you send a lot of gifts out to your friends because the more friends you send a gift to the higher chance of you getting one back. You can get items and gems as gifts simply by sending out cool gifts to your friends. If you do not have any friends, then head over into the Arcade area and make some so that you too can earn items and gems from the gift-giving.

You should also make sure not to send the same gifts out to your friends because this lessens the odds of you getting gems back in return. Make sure each friend is getting a cool and unique gift from you at least once or twice a week to give yourself a better shot at earning gems on your return.

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