Coolest Animal Jam Activities

Animal Jam is one of the many virtual worlds for children out there that is both educational and fun. On Animal Jam you run around using characters and animals and you can play games, chat with friends, learn about animals, and so much more. You can play Animal Jam using a free membership or getting the paid membership. The paid membership has a lot more benefits to it, including daily in-game currency and special offers only for the paid members.

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Regardless of whether you have a free membership or a paid membership, there are a ton of cool things you can do on Animal Jam. Some things on Animal Jam you might not know about or might not have heard about before, especially if you are new to Animal Jam. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the funnest and coolest things you can do in Animal Jam. Not only will you have fun doing these activities and adventures, but your parents will also enjoy knowing that Animal Jam is a hip game with many activities to keep you busy and out of trouble.

Best Activities on Animal Jam

Running Around- A lot of players in Animal Jam just choose to run around and dance or play. You do not even really have to be doing anything on Animal Jam as you can just run around, and who really cares if people think you look weird or out of place? Running around is also a great way to get to know Jamaa and the various locations in the game. You can also run around and just follow people, whether it be one of your friends or someone randomly in the game. Following people and running around behind them will likely annoy them but it can be funny and a great way to also make new friends if you are just looking to hang out.

Fashion Shows- One of the things that people love in Animal Jam most of all is the fashion shows. You can go to the dens of other players and watch or engage in the fashion shows and it is really fun and cool. You get to not only see new clothes and cool trendy fashion choices, but also get to hang out with other players and make new friends. A lot of the time players will get together and go into a den and put on a fashion show just because it is fun to hang out and get to know other players.

Pranking Players– You can prank players in Animal Jam and this is really fun to do. You can call it pranking or trolling, but just make sure you are not mean or rude in your pranks or else you can get into trouble in Animal Jam. You can prank people by simply switching your animals and nametags and then other players will be confused and wondering what is going on. Pranks can be fun if done in the right way with good intentions, so make sure that you are pranking in a harmless funny manner to keep everyone happy and do not offend anyone.

Den Parties– Parties are a huge part of Animal Jam, regardless of whether you have a free membership or a VIP membership. You can have a lot of fun and cool parties at your den and you can invite as many people as you want. This is a great way to make new friends and meet new people in Animal Jam, and it is also a good way to keep in contact with everyone on your Buddy List.

Get Free Rare Items on Monday- Every Monday there is a rare item giveaway on Animal Jam, but it can be hard to get if you are not logged in earlier in the morning on Monday. Rare items can be expensive to purchase and often times they are not available for the free members, so if you want to get the rare items without getting a VIP membership, using the rare item giveaway on Monday is a great way to do this. The only thing with the rare giveaway on Monday is that they usually do not last throughout the day so you have to be on early. You also will notice that some of the rare items will go away after they have been in the giveaway, which means the giveaway might be your one and only way to get that special item.

Den Giveaways- You can give away items you have just by doing a den giveaway, and you can giveaway items to random people if you want. Random den giveaways are fun because you are basically inviting a group of people to your den and then once you get enough people, you select items to give away to certain people. You can make it a contest where someone has to be the first one to answer a question correctly, or you can give away items based on the player’s level or characters in Animal Jam. Basically you can do anything you want with your giveaways because it is your den and your items, so make up various rules or contests for the players. Random den giveaways are really cool because not only is it fun to give away items to people randomly, but it is a good way to meet new people and make new friends.

Sleepovers- You can have sleepovers in Animal Jam and this is a fun way to have a virtual sleepover with people you know in real life and just through Animal Jam. Sleepovers are also fun because you can decorate your den in a certain special way, like having a themed sleepover party or do something even more creative and fun. You can invite a ton of people to your sleepover and you can hang out, play games, chat with one another and do so much more! If you are into having groups of people around and enjoy your friends in Animal Jam then having a sleepover is a cool way to interact with them in the game outside of the typical chats and games.

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