Commonly Asked Questions in Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a game that children can play online where they create a penguin avatar and then engage in activities and missions in a winter-themed world. You can play Club Penguin with a free membership or you can get a VIP membership, which gives you access to special perks and benefits. Regardless of what type of free Club Penguin membership you have, there are some common questions that players often have when they start playing.


We thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the most commonly asked questions in Club Penguin, which can help you get used to the game quicker and have fun while playing.

Club Penguin Common Questions & Answers

Parent Accounts- Yes you can have a Parent Account on Club Penguin and you really should if you worry about your younger child in the game. You can do many things with the Parent Accout including updating passwords, changing emails, canceling memberships, changing the chat mode and even putting timers up to limit play time. Use the email that was used to create the account in order to login to the Parent Account. If you have not setup the Parent Account you can do so pretty quickly. All you need is the penguin name and password and the email address. Once that information is entered you will get a confirmation email to the parent email, but if the penguin was made under a different email then that is where the confirmation will go. All you do is click the link in the email and the Parent Account will be set up for you.

How to Chat- You can chat in Club Penguin regardless of whether you have a free membership or paid membership to the game. You can chat by either using provided phrases or making your own messages. If you want to use the provided words then click on the speech bubble and then just click which message you want to enter. If you want to type your own message, you need to have the Standard Safe Chat ability, and then begin typing in the chat bar. You can type the message all yourself or use the word suggestions if that helps you. All messages are checked by the moderators to ensure they follow the rules of Club Penguin.

Setting the Chat Mode- If you need to set the Chat Mode simply login to the Parent Account and select which penguin you want to change the Chat Mode for. Click on “Chat Mode” and then you can choose “Ultimate Safe Chat” or “Standard Safe Chat” based on which chat option works best for your child. The changes take effect immediately and you can change the setting for the chat at any time as many times as you want.

Cancel Membership- If you have a paid membership for Club Penguin and want to cancel it is really easy to do and takes little information. Just go to the Cancel Membership page and then enter the penguin name and password used for the game, and then the recurring membership is canceled. You also can do this through the Parent Account by logging in and clicking on the penguin, then clicking “Basic Information.” From there you just will need to cancel the membership for that penguin. You should always write down the penguin name and password so that you know this information quickly for situations like this.

Making Friends & Player Card- Every player in Club Penguin has a Player Card, so if you want to make friends just look for a penguin and click on them to bring up the Player Card. You can click on the “Friends” icon to send a friend request, and then once accepted by that person that penguin will show up on your Friends List. Clicking the “Question Mark” will bring up where that friend is in the game. If you click on the igloo icon then you can check out their igloo. The envelope icon is where you can send that person a postcard. You can even click the Stamp icon and look at the Penguin’s Stamp Book.

There is a moderator icon on the Player Card if the person is breaking the rules and click this to report them. You also can ignore a player if they are being rude or mean to you and you do this by clicking on the Ghost icon which is also on the Player Card. In Club Penguin, your interaction with other players is done often times through the Player Card, especially if you want to check them out before becoming friends with them.

Account Deletion– You need to login every few months to keep your Club Penguin account active if you have already activated your account. If you do not login once a year on a free membership then your account will be deleted. If you have a paid membership you need to login every couple years and if you don’t then it is deleted at that point. It is best to login every few months regardless of what your membership is because it is a way to ensure your Club Penguin account stays active. If you have never activated your Club Penguin account, then it is automatically deleted after 10 days. If you setup your account through the app, then your account is deleted after one year if it has not been activated.


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