Club Penguin Zootopia Party Times & Penguin of the Week

One of the biggest things going on in Club Penguin right now is the Zootopia Party, which is running this entire week and into next week. This is a time where players of Club Penguin can get out and meet Aunt Arctic, so it is a good time for everyone.

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If you have been wondering about the Zootopia Party and when you can join in on the fun, we are going to be telling you all about it so do not worry. One of the best parts about the Zootopia Party is that whether you have a free membership or a VIP membership, you can join in on the fun and get in on all of the action.

Club Penguin Zootopia Party Information

Zootopia Meet Times- On May 25 you can meet Aunt Arctic at the Sled at 10 am. On May 26, the Zootopia Party will be held at 3 pm over at the Fog. May 27 at the Northern Lights is the next Zootopia Party and this will be at 10 am. On Saturday, May 28, the Zootopia Party is at Jack Frost at 3 pm. On May 29, the party will be at Mittens at 10 am.

The Zootopia Party continues into next week since on May 30, you will find the party at Iceland at 3 pm. On May 31, you will find Aunt Arctic at the Mammoth at 10 am. June 1 the party will be at Wool Socks at 3 pm. On June 2, the party will be at 10 am at the Chinook area of Club Penguin. June 3, the party will be at the Rainbow area at 3 pm. On June 4, look for the Zootopia Party at 10 am on Cloudy and then on June 5, the last meetup will be at Sherbet at 3 pm.

It is important for Club Penguin players to know that all of these times are in Penguin Standard Time, which is PST. If you are not sure what time this is where you live, you can head over to Clock Tower in the Snow Forts area and it will show you what time it is in the game. Take the time you see in Club Penguin and look at the time at your house, and subtract the two to get your time difference. If you are in PST already then you will not have to do anything as the time should be the same, but still check Clock Tower to make sure if you are curious or concerned.

You also should know that this is Zootopia Party Part 1, which means that there will likely be another week or two of Zootopia Party times in the future. If you miss out on any of these Zootopia Party times, then you might have a chance to meet Aunt Arctic at a later time and date. Even though that is likely a possibility, if you are playing Club Penguin, you should still try to head over to one of the parties in the coming week because it might or might not happen again and you do not want to miss all of the fun.

Penguin of the Week

Each week a new penguin is recognized for their hard work and effort in the game. Whether you have a free membership or paid membership to Club Penguin, you can be recognized for this Penguin of the Week award. You can be nominated for Penguin of the Week by another player, so if you are nice and help out other players, you might end up getting this award at some point.

This week, Kayna1 nominated Cherry Pink for the Penguin of the Week Award, and Cherry Pink did win. In the nomination, Cherry Pink was given credit for being sweet and one of the nicest penguins that Kayna1 has ever played with online. These two have become best friends and play together in Club Penguin all of the time. We wanted to say congratulations to Cherry Pink on being nominated and winning Penguin of the Week. All Penguin of the Week winners will get 10,000 coins and a Penguin of the Week background, and it is a cool little award to get in the game. If you are playing Club Penguin, you can nominate anyone that you believe has stood out in the game, and they too might win this prestigious award.

The Penguin of the Week award is just one of many awards that you can win by being a valuable player and helping other people. If you want to win these awards, simply become friends with many people, be helpful and kind, and also generous with your time. If you follow the basic rules of kindness, you likely will be nominated for this award, especially if you have many friends in the game.

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