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Club Penguin is one of the finest games available out there for children. Basically, you create a penguin avatar and use this avatar to run around in a winter-themed world. You can chat with friends, play games, go on special missions and quests, and also learn about the environment through social initiatives and programs.

You can play Club Penguin on a free membership or a paid membership. The paid membership gives you a lot of perks like adopting more Pet Puffles, more igloos for your penguins, more special missions, and more ways to earn in-game currency. Regardless of whether you play Club Penguin on the free membership or the paid membership, there are always a ton of cool things to do in Club Penguin and new areas to explore.

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We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the latest news and updates coming out of Club Penguin world. Whether you have the VIP membership or you play on the free membership, it is always good to be informed because you want to know what is going on so you can participate in the fun activities. Not to mention that there is always new stuff going on in Club Penguin, which means you will never get bored going through the same areas or doing the same things. Since it is the beginning of the year, there have been more updates and news coming from Club Penguin as the game gears up towards the release of the mobile game and other cool things that are coming later this year. Without further ado, here are just some of the biggest updates and news coming out of Club Penguin.

Club Penguin News & Updates

Penguin of the Week- We always like to start off our Club Penguin updates with some news on the latest winner of Penguin of the Week. Penguin of the Week is when someone is nominated by fellow Club Penguin members for being an outstanding person. Sometimes the person is great in the game and just an online friend, while other times people are nominated if they know fellow Club Penguin players in real life. You can go to the Club Penguin website and comment on the person you want to nominate. You can nominate someone regardless of whether or not they have a free membership or paid membership, and you can nominate the same person more than once if they do not win the first time. So we will now tell you the Penguin of the Week winner for this past week.

The Penguin of the Week winner was Meridadisney, and this player was nominated by two different people in Club Penguin. Both Nelly21793 and Audrey12346 nominated Meridadisney for the Penguin of the Week honors. In the nominations Meridadisney was said to be very sweet and funny, and always there to help people in need.

penguin of the week Meridadisney

Meridadisney is willing to go out of her way to help people and never seems down or depressed. Meridadisney is a constant ray of sunshine and is always positive no matter what. She was also said to be very nice and inspiring because she treats people with respect. She is a very happy Club Penguin member and is always friendly to anyone she comes across.

We wanted to congratulate Meridadisney for winning Penguin of the Week. There are always so many people nominated that it can be difficult to just choose one person. If the person you know did not win yet, make sure to keep nominating them because it is important in Club Penguin to spotlight the amazing players. The winner of Penguin of the Week, which this week was Meridadisney, gets special prizes too! The winner of Penguin of the Week gets 10,000 coins plus a cool Penguin of the Week Background.


Megg Meet Up- The week the Megg Meet-Up will be for both Club Penguin Island and for the Club Penguin desktop version. On the desktop browser version, you can meet Megg on January 27 at 12 pm PST. The room will be Ski Lodge and this is on the Hockey Server. The theme for this week will be Story Time and Find Four.

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For the Club Penguin Island version you can find Megg on January 27 at 4 pm PST. She will be in the Avalanche world in the Boardwalk zone. The theme for the Club Penguin Island version will be the Pajama Dance Party.

As with all Megg Meet-Ups, you can head over to the Snow Forts and go to Clock Tower to see what Penguin Standard Time is from where you are at. If you cannot make either of these times or locations, do not worry because Megg does these meet-ups all of the time. They are really fun though and people have a good time hanging out and partying, so if you can make it, be sure to login and join the fun!

Aunt Arctic Meeting Part 2– You might know Aunt Arctic from being the editor of the Club Penguin Times. She loves to read and loves to hang out on Club Penguin talking with players and getting to know the Club Penguin community. She is going to be hanging out with people over this whole week, and there are still a couple of days to meet her if you have not already. You can find Aunt Arctic on January 28 at 10 am on the Cozy server. On January 31 she will be at the Northern Lights around 3 pm. These will be the last times available to meet Aunt Arctic for a little while, so if you have not done so, please stop by and say hi to her. She is currently directing some sort of movie, which deals with Club Penguin, so maybe she will give up on some information and goodies relating to that during her meet-up.

Island Insider Episode 5- Lastly, we thought we would tell you that Island Insider Episode 5 is out. If you have not stopped by Club Penguin to watch this you really should. There are quite a few cool bloopers in this episode, which are pretty funny. There is also some Community Shout-Outs and Questions and Answers for Club Penguin Island in this episode as well. The episode is pretty short but packed with a lot of information as Club Penguin gears up for the worldwide release of Club Penguin Island.

These are just some of the latest pieces of news and updates coming out of Club Penguin this week. We again want to congratulate the Penguin of the Week winner and tell you how much you should be checking out Club Penguin Island and Island Insider if you have not done so already. Club Penguin Island, which is the mobile game, is not out yet for America, but we will let you know as soon as we know when that will be released worldwide. Currently, Club Penguin Island is only available for certain countries, but if you live in those countries you can check out the iOS and Android app right now. We will know more about Club Penguin Island hopefully next week when we again come back to talk about the latest news and updates coming out of Club Penguin.

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