Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 9 Walkthrough

Club Penguin is a really fun game that children can play where they create a penguin avatar and then play in a winter-themed world. You can play Club Penguin with a free membership or paid membership, but the paid membership has more benefits to it than the free membership. Regardless of whether or not you have a paid Club Penguin membership or a free Club Penguin membership, you can become a Secret Agent.

club penguin secret agent mission 9

The Secret Agent Club, which you might also know as the Elite Forces, is a special group of Club Penguin players who can go on special top secret missions. If you complete these Secret Agent missions you can earn cool rare rewards and medals. We thought it would be a good idea to give you a walkthrough of Secret Agent mission 9, which is titled “Operation: Spy & Seek.” In this mission your goal is to find Herbert P. Bear because he has been causing a lot of problems in the last few missions. You need to find out what he is planning on doing next.

Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 9 Walkthrough

  • Talk to Gary the Gadget Guy and he will ask you about Herbert and what he is doing. He will want you to place three tracking devices around the island and will mark the map with “X” where you need to put the devices.
  • Gather all your items, including tracking devices, blueprint for the kite and the yellow duck. Then travel to the Ski Lodge and talk to the two penguins who are ploaying Find Four. You want to tell them you will help them find their missing game pieces. Go to the Lodge Attic and find all eight missing pieces, which will be anywhere including the ladder and under the telephone. Pick up the string by the rung and then head back downstairs and give all of the pieces to the two penguins.
  • Teleport to the Forest and then grab some sticks on the ground, and then head to Ski Hill. Put the Kite Plans on the sticks and then use the string in order to make the kite complete. Hook the kite on a tracking device and then put the kite on the middle pole.
  • Head to the Plaza and then you will see messy penguins playing in gum. Talk to them and they will ask you for help and then you need to help them. You want to click on the gum that is between the two penguins and it will get them unstuck from each other. Ask them if you can take some gum and then put this into your inventory.
  • Head to the Dock and talk to the green penguin and help him by grabbing the wooden starter cord handle. This will start the boat and then ask him if you can take the bicycle pump. Put this into your inventory and then teleport over to the Iceberg.
  • At the Iceberg, take the gum and place it on the duck which will fix the hole. Use the bicycle pump to inflate the duck and then put the duck on a tracking device. At this point, place the duck into the water. Head over to the Mine Shack.
  • At the Mine Shack you will find a penguin on the roof and you want to talk to him, then help him out. Fix the troughs on the shack by clicking and dragging the beams of wood. You will need to rearrange them so that the troughs tilt left. Click on the left side of the troughs in order to pull it downward.
  • Talk to the penguin and offer to fix the mine cart. Click on the cart so it tips back onto the track and then click on the welding gear. Click and hold down the welding torch on the cracks, which will then fix them and give a nice weld bond. Take the tracking device and place it in the mine cart and then click the cart so it will go into the mine.
  • At this point your Spy Phone rings, and it will be G. Head back to HeadQuarters at this point. Talk to G in person again and he will give you Binoculars 3000.
  • Head to the Ski Lodge and then go into the “Gone Fishing” door. Use the Binoculars 3000 and click on the ice pond at the far side. You will see Klutzy and Herbert P. Bear. The Spy Phone will ring and it will be G, head over across the pond and then attach the Binoculars 3000 to your Spy Phone.
  • Herbert looks to be getting ready to do something big with the Puffles. Go left and keep clicking on the trees until you get a message. The message will say “This tree is just perfect for the camera.” You want to put the combination phone and binoculars into the tree and the phone rings once again. It will be G, so talk to him and transmit the information to him.
  • Head back to HeadQuarters and Klutzy and Herbert will be on the monitors. You will be done at this point and the mission is completed. You will earn your medal and reward for the completed mission.

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