Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 8: Walkthrough

Club Penguin is such a fun game for kids since they can create a penguin avatar and engage in many activities in the winter-themed world. From playing games, to chatting with friends, and missions, there is something to do for everyone regardless of whether or not they have the free membership or paid membership.

club penguin secret agent mission 8

One of the cool things you can do in Club Penguin is sign up to become a Secret Agent, which you might know as an Elite Force. In the Special Agent Club, you can do special top secret missions, which will earn you cool rewards and special items. We decided to tell you all about Secret Agent mission 8, which is called “Mysterious Tremors” because it can get confusing if you are not sure how to get through this mission.

The goal of this mission is to stop the small earthquakes that are happening and that in itself makes this mission more difficult. There are also timed parts in this mission which increase the difficulty, which is why we thought a walkthrough of Secret Agent mission 8 was a good idea.

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Club Penguin Secret Mission 8 Walkthrough

  • As with all Secret Agent Missions, regardless of whether you have a free membership or paid membership, the first thing you need to do is talk to Gary over at HeadQuarters. Talk about the earthquakes and he will tell you that the Dock was the most recent. Take the propeller hat then teleport over to the Dock.
  • Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy will be there and talk to Herbert so he can tell you what he plans to do. He will mention a map that was blown away when Klutzy cut it in half. Pick up the lantern that Klutzy drops and put this into your inventory.
  • You want to go into Town and you will see the map pieces. Go into the Coffee Shop and ask the barista if he wants your help cleaning up. Put all the cookies from the floor into a green cookie jar. He will offer you a cookie for helping clean, and you want to put the cookie into your inventory. Head outside where you will notice a Nightclub sign that has a piece of the map stuck in it.
  • Give the Green Puffle a cookie and the green propeller and he will fly into the sky after eating the cookie. The map will fall and you can then put this into your inventory. Then go over to the Snow Forts and you will see the other part of the map on the Flag Pole. Click on it and it will then head towards the Plaza.
  • Make your way to the Plaza as well and you will notice the map piece goes into the green penguin’s newspaper. Talk to the green penguin, who will want some pizza, but not give you the newspaper. Get him the pizza by going into the Pizza Parlor and asking the chef for a double-meat pizza with extra grey fish. Take the pizza and place it into your inventory then head outside and give the green penguin the pizza, and then ask him for the newspaper once again. This time he will give up the piece of newspaper. Put this in your inventory and then click on the newspaper. This will show you half of the map.
  • Place the two map pieces together in your inventory, and this will be the directions you need for inside of the tunnel.
  • Grab your Spy Phone and use this to get back to HeadQuarters and talk to G in the Gadget Room. Grab the hammer off the wall and place this into your inventory.
  • Click on the purple air tank in the Gadget Room and ask G about the Super Helium. Ask if you can take it and then once G says yes, place this into your inventory. Head over to the Lighthouse at this point.
  • Take the net and put that into your inventory and then talk to the orange penguin on the Stage. Ask him if you can take some balloons, and then place them into your inventory. Teleport back to the Sport Shop and take a box of tent pegs.
  • Head to Town and put the ballon on the Super Helium Tank, and this will cause the balloon to inflate. Put this on the Gift Shop so the Gift Shop will float. This is where you need to be quick. Take the net and then place it under the Gift Shop. Use the tent pegs and place them on the net. Hammer the pegs into place. You should notice the net supports the Gift Shop, but if it doesn’t then you will need to regather all of the items and try again.
  • Head to the Dock and go where Klutzy and Herbert were at, then head into the hole and you will see two tunnels. Click on the map and it will tell you which tunnel to take and then use the lantern so you can see. You will come out by the Gift Shop and you know this because items will be at the top of the tunnel hole that are in the Gift Shop. Go through the next tunnel and then you will see a huge drill which Herbert owns.
  • Use the wrench tool from your Spy Phone to get the gear, then place the gear into your inventory. There will then be an entrance into the Boiler Room and Herbert will be in there. Talk to Herbert and he will overheat the boiler by hitting it with the wrench. Answer your Spy Phone which will begin to ring and it will be G. Talk to G and he will tell you to fix the boiler.
  • Connect the pipes from the top left to the bottom right, which is the mini-game that opens up, and it can be difficult. Once you finish the mini-game of connecting the pipes your Spy Phone will ring again. It will be G telling you head back to HeadQuarters.
  • Head over to HeadQuarters and talk to G, and tell him you got the lost gear from the Clock Tower, which was the previous mission. Give him the gear and then you will be done. He will give you your gift and medal and another mission has been completed!

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