Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 7 Guide

Club Penguin is a virtual world for children in which they can play games, go on exciting missions, chat with other players, and so much more. While you can use the free membership to Club Penguin, you will be missing out on certain features unless you get the paid membership. One of the best things however about Club Penguin, whether you have a free membership or VIP membership, is that you can sign up to become a Secret Agent. This special program, which is also known as Elite Forces, is where you can take on special missions and quests and earn better rewards for doing so.

club penguin secret agent mission 7We thought we would tell you about how to get through the Secret Agent missions, since sometimes they can be confusing. We are going to tell you all about how to get through Secret Agent mission 7, which is “Clockwork Repairs” and what the main goals are for this special mission. Basically, the Clock Tower went nuts and both Herbert and Klutzy broke the clock when they took out parts to the clock. In Secret Agent mission 7, it is your goal to get all of the parts back into the clock.

Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 7 Walkthrough

  • Head to HeadQuarters and talk to “G” who will tell you all about the broken clock. He will then show you the Snow Forts monitor. You want to click on this monitor and you will see a video of what went down.
  • The video will show you that Klutzy and Herbert P. Bear removed the target-winder and the prime gear from the clock, which is why it does not work. There is also a spring that flys off of the clock as well and lands near the Iceberg. After this you will talk to G again, and he will tell you to fix the clock.
  • Head over to the other side where the Invention Cabinet is and then click on the magnet in the middle of the cabinet. You will need to get the secret agent code in order to unlock the padlock on the door.
  • Head back to G and tell him that you need the Electromagnet 2000 and then he will give you the password, which if you don’t know, the password is “key.” Head to the cabinet and open it up, then proceed to take the Electromagnet 2000.
  • You will then need to go to the Gadget Room and get the life preserver from the top shelf. You want to add this to your inventory.
  • Head over to the Iceberg and then you will notice the spring is just floating on ice. You will need to use the Electromagnet 2000 to get the spring, and then place it into your inventory.
  • You want to then go to Ski Village and talk to the two penguins which are just chilling in the snow. Head over to the Beach and then talk to the yellow penguin. The yellow penguin will tell you the chair was made by a Yellow Puffle. Take the green bucket before you leave.
  • Go over to the Dock and talk to the penguins, which are both wearing blue jerseys. They will tell you about how they were able to get the Clock Tower target, and then ask if you can take it. Basically hit the target with three snowballs and you will get it. It might take you a few times to get this right, but once you do, hitting the target gets really easy.
  • Once you hit the target three times, talk to the two penguins again. Take the target and place it into your inventory. Get your life preserver out of inventory and then give it to the two penguins so that they have a new target to use. Then, head into town and talk to Rookie. You need to tell him you need a picture of the gear.
  • Now go to the Snow Forts and use the green bucket to get snow. Put the bucket back into inventory once it is full. Head over to the Plaza and go to the Pizza Parlor where you will grab the sheet of music by the piano. Put this sheet of music in your inventory.
  • Head to the Stage then take the sheet music and put it on the piano and play the song. If you do this right a Yellow Puffle appears. Give this Puffle the gear picture and the snow bucket. The Puffle will then produce new gear made out of the snow and put this into your inventory. Place the bucket back into your inventory.
  • Head back to HeadQuarters and go to the Gadget Room and then put the spring to the right of the Test Chamber. Click the red handle and this will turn it on. The spring that is frozen will then go into the chamber. You want to use the Fire button to melt the snow on the spring and then press the red handle again to release the spring from the chamber. Put this into your inventory.
  • Repeat this with the gear but hit the snowflake button instead of the fire button, and this will make the gear cold. Take it out of the chamber once completed and then place this into your inventory as well.
  • Go to the Snow Forts and then click on “Close” and then you will be at the back of the clock. Put the spring on the upper left area and put the gear in the center on the metal peg. Put the target on the winding arm which is left of Clock Tower. Then the Clock Tower will be fixed.
  • Take your Spy Phone out when it rings and it will be Herbert on the phone. He is angry you fixed the clock.
  • Lastly, go back to G and tell him you fixed the clock. He will then give you your rewards, including a gift and medal.

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