Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 6: Walkthrough

You can play Club Penguin on either a free cp membership code or a paid membership, and both types of memberships allow you the chance to become a Secret Agent. You can become a Secret Agent, also known as an Elite Forces member, using either the free membership or paid membership if you just submit your application and fill out the easy test. Once you pass the test, you will be able to become a Secret Agent in Club Penguin, which means you can get special missions and also neat rare rewards for completing the missions.

club penguin mission 6

There are quite a few Secret Agent missions in Club Penguin so we thought it would help if you had a walkthrough to guide you through each mission. Right now we are going to talk about the sixth mission which is “Questions for a Crab” and we wanted to help get you through this mission. This is a mission where you will be helping Gary the Gadget Guy interrogate the crab known as Klutzy. You also will notice that Herbert P. Bear shows up in this mission as well.

Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 6 Guide

  • Regardless of whether you have a paid membership or free membership, you want to start off this mission by talking to Gary the Gadget Guy. Gary will tell you that there is a Crab Translator 3000.
  • He will try to use this machien and it will explode, which means the crab escapes. You will then need to quickly follow this crab to Ski Village.
  • Jump onto the chairlift and head to the top of the Mountain. Follow the crab when he jumps off the Mountain. This will take you to Club Penguin Outback, and whatever you do, follow the crab. You will end up at a cave that has a door but you will not be able to open the door to follow the crab in there.
  • You will find a sack of O Berries in the woods at the top of a tree. Keep an eye out for a Black Puffle as well because you will need him later.
  • Take the Spy Phone out and use your scissors to cut the O Berries down off the rope. Put the scissors away and put the O Berries into your inventory.
  • Go back to the Black Puffel and give him an O Berry. This will enable the Black Puffle to begin following you.
  • Head back over to the cave and put an O Berry by the door where the crab went. The Black Puffle will then go through the door and let you in the cave. This is actually a trap though that lands you in a cage with Herbert P. Bear. You will need to talk to him and he will tell you all his plans he has in store.
  • After this both Herbert and the crab will leave, and you will be let out of the cage by the Black Puffle. Put an O Berry on the red handle on the right of the cage lift. This will enable the Black Puffle to jump on it and then the water turns on. This allows the water to go down into the drain and the platform will tilt.
  • Put another O Berry on the platform just to the right of the water wheel. When the Black Puffle grabs this it will allow the water to flow to the water wheel and the cage will lift. When you look to the right you will see the Electro Magnet 3000 plans on the wall. Take these plans and put them into your inventory. Grab the bottle of hot sauce while you are there and then put it into the O Berry sack. This will cause a flaming O Berry, which you will need later.
  • Take the rope and anchor that you will find on your right side. Just as you open the door snow blocks the door back in and now you are stuck once again.
  • Use the flaming O Berry in the snow and this will cause the Black Puffle to burn through the snow. You will then be able to get out of the cave following the Black Puffle.
  • Go back into the woods and begin searching for a cliff, then put that rope and anchor into your inventory so you can make a grappling hook. Take the hook and click on the cliff, which brings you back to the top of the Mountain.
  • Use the chairlift to get back to Ski Village, go inside Ski Lodge, out the back door, and you will find crab and Herbert.
  • Go back to Ski Village, head to the Pizza Parlor and then talk to the pizza chef inside. Get a Seaweed Pizza and then put this into your inventory.
  • Head back to Ski Lodge and then back out the back door and Herbert and Crab will be waiting and working near the woodchopper. At this point give him the pizza. Once he is distracted. take the green arrow and move it over to the red arrow on the handle. This will break the woodchopper.
  • When Gary the Gadget Guy comes out to ask what the noise is, you will be able to click on answers. Give Gary those Electro Magnet 3000 plans and that is it, the mission will be completed.
  • You will then earn your rewards and your medal.

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