Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 5 Walkthrough

Whether you have a free membership or a paid membership, you can become a Secret Agent in Club Penguin. The Secret Agent Club, which is also known as Elite Forces, allows you to go on special missions in Club Penguin, and you will earn really cool rewards for completing the missions. If you want to become a Secret Agent in Club Penguin it is pretty easy to do, with you having to just pass a simple quiz after you fill out the application in order to be accepted.

club penguin mission 5

We are going to be giving you a walkthrough for the fifth mission in the Secret Agent Club. This mission is called “Secret of the Fur” and it will basically tell you all you need to know about the white fur. This mission will also be the first time you will run into Herbert P. Bear. You might have noticed that you have been collecting a lot of white fur in the previous missions, but did not know why or how this would come in handy down the road. Well, Secret Agent Mission 5 is going to answer those questions and more, as this mission does explain the importance of this fur.

Club Penguin Walkthrough: Secret Agent Mission 5

  • You will first need to talk to Gary the Gadget Guy. You will see there is an item next to him called the Furensic Analyzer 3000. This will have some fur on it, and you will need to get out your Spy Phone in order to untangle it.
  • With your Spy Phone, click the flashing red light, then take out your comb. You will use this comb to untangle all of the fur.
  • Once you get that done, get all the white fur from G that you gave to him from your other missions. Put all of this fur into the Furensic Analyzer 3000. The machine will find jet pack fuel, hot sauce and hot chocolate on the fur.
  • At that point G wants you to find other samples of these substances on the fur, so grab the AC 1000 fan from the shelf and head out.
  • You want to go to the Coffee Shop and get the hot chocolate. Talk to the barista who is behind the counter and he will tell you that he saw something big and angry. He will then show you a picture that he ended up drawing of that creature. Click the picture and then ask for the hot chocolate.
  • Use your wrench in your Spy Phone to fix the hot chocolate machine by hooking up the milk hose. Move the dial from cold to hot and then take a mig and press the button. It will tell you though don’t forget the chocolate sauce!
  • Go to the Pizza Shop next, which is in the Plaza. The chef will begin telling you about a mutant crab and then ask him for a chocolate sauce sample then a hot sauce sample. Put both of these items into your inventory for later. Ask the chef if he ends help, then he will ask you to deliver a pizza over to a penguin near Ski Lodge. Take the pizza and then head over to the Ski Lodge.
  • Once you are at the Ski Lodge, go through the back and give the pizza to the one penguin you see fishing. You are done with that delivery.
  • Head back to the Coffee Shop and then click on the hot chocolate machine and then put the chocolate sauce into the machine at the top. Press the red button and the hot chocolate will be finished. You can then put that into your inventory.
  • Go to Lighthouse at the Beach, then look for the rope inside on the boat. Grab the rope and then look left of the wheel and grab the fishing net too. Talk to the red and yellow penguins who will be scared at the bottom of the stairs. Then, go up to the Beacon.
  • Click on the floating jet pack fuel, which brings it close to you, then use your Spy Phone to get the scissors. You want to cut the string which is holding the can. Put the scissors away and then grab the fuel and put it into your inventory.
  • Go back to HeadQuarters and talk to Gadget Room guy G. Take all three of the substances and put them into the funnel, which will be on the left side of the calibration machine. Put the special goggles into your inventory as well.
  • Click on the goggles to turn them on and then head over to the Pizza Shop. Begin following the prints, which lead you all around until you get to the Ski Lodge.
  • Head into the Ski Lodge and you will notice the fishing penguin is under the couch cushions hiding. You want to talk to this penguin. Take the candle that is by the couch and then go outside through the back.
  • Once you are outside in the back, you will see the monster’s shadow, so you need to make a trap in order to catch him.
  • Use the rope from your inventory and place it around the fishing net, then put this on a tree limb. Place the candle in the trap because it will lure the monster since he is cold. The issue with this is a crab ends up in the trap and the monster runs away.
  • The monster will leave you more fur, so pick it up and place it into your inventory. Take the crab and put it into your inventory as well.
  • Go Back to the Gadget Room and talk to G, handing him the crab as you tell him about what happened. Put the new fur into the Fur Analyzer 3000 and you will notice that this is polar bear fur. Once you talk to G again, this will complete the mission.
  • You will then earn your metal and reward for the completed mission.

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