Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 3 Walkthrough

In Club Penguin, whether you have a free membership or paid membership to the game, you can become a Secret Agent. Becoming a Secret Agent, which is also known as being part of the Elite Forces, allows you to take on special challenges and missions. If you complete each mission, you will get cool rewards and items for your penguin, such as Elite Force gear and tactical accessories.

We thought it would be a good idea to give you a walkthrough for the 3rd Secret Agent mission, which is called “Case of the Missing Coins.” By giving you the walkthrough, which is a step-by-step guide on completing the third mission, you will be quickly on your way to earning the rewards of being a Secret Agent and moving up the ranks.

club penguin secret mission 3 case of the missing coins

When it comes to “Case of the Missing Coins” this is a mission where you have found out that all of the coins hidden in the vault have disappeared. You will get Rookie to help you in this mission, and Rookie is the newest Secret Agent to join Club Penguin. The only bad part about Rookie is that he closed the vault and did not know the combination! This is the first time you will meet Rookie in the game and you will find this Secret Agent mission to be really fun and interesting.

Club Penguin “Case of the Missing Coins” Secret Agent Mission Walkthrough

  • You will begin this mission in the Gift Shop, which is where you will talk to Rookie for the first time. This is when you will find out Rookie closed the vault and did not know the combination to open it back up.
  • You will want to head over to the Gift Shop Manager’s office and keep looking in there until you find the couch. When you find the couch look under it and put the computer disk and the paper clip in your inventory.
  • You will then need to find the computer, then turn it on by clicking on it, and then you will need to put that computer disk into the computer.
  • Once you are on the computer, click on “My Files” and then Combination_Number. Write down the numbers and letters that are next to each other. Make sure you write these all down because each time you do this mission it will change.
  • Go downstairs and then click the vault door in order to enter the combination of numbers you wrote down a minute ago. Look at the letters because that tells you where to put the numbers, such as N being for “North” and the top number spot. South is the number spot at the bottom and so on.
  • If you think you have the numbers entered correctly you want to push the red button that says “Confirm.” It is at this point that the vault door will open up.
  • You want to head into the vault, then talk to Rookie. Your phone will ring and you want to click on it in order to answer it. You will be talking to “G” and you will need to then meet him in the HQ by clicking the “Visit HQ” button on your phone.
  • “G” will tell you everything he found out and then click on the screen “G” is pointing at in order to see the video. You will talk to him again once the video is finished. Tell him “OK” and then ask if he has any suggestions. “G” will tell you to head over to the roof, so click “OK” and thank him, then ask him if there is anything else you need to know.
  • “G” will tell you to take the rooftop key out of the drawer, so know this is the upper left key. You will find that all of the keys are labeled in the Secret Agent Code.
  • Head to the Gift Shop then use that key to get to the roof. Open that door and put that key into your inventory, and then begin going up to the roof.
  • At this time your Spy Phone will be flashing, and you want to click on the light so that you will be able to see the tools. You want to click on the wrench and use that wrench to open the front of the “Powa Box.”
  • Get the paper clip from your inventory and put it inside of the “Powa Box” so that it shorts out the box. You will then notice the magnet is turned off. Look to the left of the “Powa Box” and you will see a vent with white fur stuck in it. Grab that white fur.
  • Go downstairs now and head to the vault. You will see that coins are all over the floor. You want to talk to Rookie and then go over to the HQ to talk to “G” again.
  • You want to tell “G” you found the white fur when he asks you if you found anything else, and then give that white fur to him. He will then offer you another mission on the side, you can do it if you want to. All you have to do is tell him “sure what do you want me to do for you?”
  • If you do this you want to move right until you see the CP map, then take your flashlight from the table. The Spy Phone is needed because you need to teleport over to Town.
  • There is a crying brown penguin outside of the Nightclub Disco, so talk to him. Then, go inside of the nightclub and turn on the flashlight.
  • Inside the nightclub keep moving to the right, until you notice a speaker. This speaker has the secret entrance to the Boiler Room. All you do is click on it to enter the Boiler Room. Look around the Boiler Room until you find the Fuse Box, and then click on it.
  • Click all of the fuses until they all are green, which can take a little time to do so do not get impatient. Once all of the lights come on then head to the Dance Club and talk to the brown penguin once again.
  • Lastly, head over to HQ and talk to “G” again and he will give you the thank you card and medal of excellence. The 3rd Secret Agent Mission is now complete.


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