Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 2 Walkthrough

In Club Penguin, whether you have a paid membership or a free membership, you will have an opportunity to become a Secret Agent. Becoming a Secret Agent, which is also called the Elite Forces, allows you to tackle secret missions and challenges, and you will be rewarded with cool items and gear for your penguin for completing each mission. “G’s Secret Mission” is the second Secret Agent mission in Club Penguin.

club penguin secret mission 2 Gs secret mission

We thought it would be a good idea to give you a guide about how the second Secret Agent mission works, which can help you get through the mission quicker. The basis of “G’s Secret Mission” is that you have to help Gary the Gadget Guy, who needs someone to test out his prototype sled. Well, even though you are a Secret Agent, this is a mission where you will realize that things do not always go as they should in Club Penguin.

We are going to give you the walkthrough for the second Secret Agent mission, known as “G’s Secret Mission” in hopes that this walkthrough allows you to complete the challenge and earn your rewards for testing out the new prototype sled. The best part about these Secret Agent missions is that you earn cool prizes whether you are a free member or a VIP member to Club Penguin, so it’s a good idea to always complete the missions regardless of your status in the game.

Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 2: “G’s Secret Mission” Walkthrough

  • When you go over to Gary the Gadget Guy he will give you a riddle you need to solve. The answer to the riddle is “mogul” so then you input that into the game and you can move on.
  • Once you entered the word, head over to the prototype sled and put that into your inventory. From there you will need to go to Ski Mountain.
  • At Ski Mountain, you will need to take out this new prototype sled and then click on “Test Run” which is a prominently placed sign in the game.
  • Click “Yes” when you are ready to test out the sled and then click on “yes” you want to test out G’s sled right now. You will be able to use your mouse to steer the sled, but it will be hard to control. It is perfectly acceptable if you crash your sled since that is what you are supposed to do.
  • Once you crash on the sled, which will be pretty easy to do, you will find yourself behind the mountain in Club Penguin Outback. Find the Survival Guide and pick it up, as the Survival Guide gives you instructions on completing the mission. You do not have to read the Survival Guide but it will tell you everything you need to know to complete the mission, so it is a good idea to at least skim through it.
  • Over on the left side is a rope, so quickly pick up the rope. Begin moving back over to the right side and you will need to head towards the O Berry Bush.
  • Once you get to the O Berry Bush, find 3 O Berries and put them into your inventory.
  • If you go right some more you will see a tree with a pot in the tree. Shake this tree 3 times in order to get the pot to fall, and then grab the pot to take with you.
  • Head back to the left and then click on the tree stump, you will then see puffles.
  • Click on one of the puffles that are still there by the stump, and there will be four puffles that run away from you so click on anyone you see that you notice isn’t running. Pink, Blue, Green, and Purple Puffles are the ones that will run away from you.
  • You then will need to give the Black Puffle an O Berry, which allows him to become your friend and he will be happy.
  • Keep moving left and you will see a log, and you want to click the log in order to move closer.
  • You will need to get the ski out of the bushes by clicking on it, then you need to add it to your inventory.
  • Begin heading back over to the O Berry Bush, then keep going left until you find the stream.
  • Once you find this stream, go over to it and move left. You will need to get into your inventory and grab the rope, then put the rope on the ski. This will help you make a fishing pole by putting the rope into the ski. Then, you will add an O Berry on the pole to use as bait, and then you can take your new fishing pole out of inventory.
  • Once your new fishing pole is out of inventory and put together, you will need to click on the stream which then will allow you to begin fishing in order to catch a fish.
  • After you have caught a fish, put the fish into your inventory. You want to take the pot and collect some water out of the stream with it. Fill the pot up completely and then put it back into your inventory.
  • Keep moving to the right until you find a log that is on the right side of the cave. Move this log until it is in the cave.
  • Click on a stone to the right to make a fire ring, and then put the log into the fire ring. You want to grab your Survival Guide and then put this on the log, and this is where you need your Puffle to start the fire.
  • Your Puffle will start this fire after you give him an O Berry.
  • Once your Puffle starts the fire, you will need to grab your fish and place it on the fire in order to cook it. You will then eat the fish you cooked and this is done just by clicking on the fish.
  • After you eat you will need to take the pot full of water and put it onto the fire, and then you can drink the water. You will need to take a nap after you eat the fish and drink the water.
  • Wake up from your quick nap, leave the cave and you will see Jet Pack Guy waiting.
  • Tell Jet Pack Guy about all of the fun you had on your fishing adventure and he will lead you back to G.
  • At this point, begin telling G what happened when you went to the cave and made a fishing pole. Tell G all about your fun time and G will give you a medal and a letter, which means you have successfully completed the mission!

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