Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 11 Walkthrough

Club Penguin is a great game children can play, and whether you have a free membership or paid membership you can decide to sign up for the Secret Agent Club. The Secret Agent Club, also known as the Elite Forces, is where you can go on special missions and get cool rare rewards for completing each mission.

club penguin mission 11

We thought we would give you a walkthrough for Secret Agent Mission 11, which is known as the “Veggie Villain” because these missions can get a little tricky. Secret Agent Mission 11 is more special than the rest however, mostly because this is the last Secret Agent Mission available in Club Penguin. The goal of this mission is to find what seeds that Herbert has dropped, which happened at the end of mission 10. This will tell you his big plans coming up and the seeds are why this mission is dubbed “Veggie Villain.”

Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 11 Guide:

  • As with all missions you first need to talk to G, he will ask you to guess the names of the seeds that Herbert dropped. You do not need to know or get the answer right but you can guess or pick any answer you want.
  • After that you need to head over to the Gift Shop where you will talk to Rookie. There will be corn seeds on the floor and you need to put these in your inventory. At that point go upstairs to the Office and then talk to Jet Pack Guy. You will see more corn seeds under the desk and you will need to put these into your inventory as well.
  • Teleport yourself to the Sport Shop and then the Spy Phone will ring. You want to talk to Gary who is going to tell you head back to HeadQuarters. You cannot teleport though because the transporter is broke. Go to the right-most changing room and then talk to Gary again and he will let you know someone is trying to get into the main computer. This means you need to shutdown the broadcast Herbert is doing in Ski Village. Beforoe you leave, take the DVD from under the piano and put this into inventory.
  • You will also need to take the spray bottle and the cloth which are left of the stage. Spray the DVD clean with this and then wipe dry with the cloth. This will allow you to have a clean DVD in your inventory. Also you need to grab the empty can which is by the wooden wheel.
  • Head to HeadQuarters and then go into the Gadget Room. You want to use the Test Chamber to fill up the can with some water. You want to then freeze it, but make sure you hit the middle button to get the water into the can before hitting the snowflake button which freezes the water. Take the ice and then put it into your inventory.
  • You need to then head to the Beacon and then ask orange penguin if you can help him out. Give him the ice and then grab the lens by the telescope and place this into your inventory.
  • Now you can go to Ski Village and there will be a projector with Herbert on it. You will see Rookie and three penguins who are sitting on the ground. Talk to the brown penguin who will tell you his glasses broke and then tell him you will fix them. Get the lens from your inventory and give it to the brown penguin so he can fix his glasses. You want to then click the projector so you can talk to Rookie.
  • Open the DVD player by clicking “Open/Close” and then put the DVD in it that is in your inventory. Click on the screen and then talk to Rookie. Herbert will keep talking so click the projector again and then take out the Spy Phone so you can use the wrench on the satellite box.
  • Click on the satellite box which is now open and there is a mini-game you need to complete. Basically just solve the code and it will tell you where the signal is coming from. Talk to Rookie once that is completed and then head over to the Mine.
  • Head into the Cornfield adn look for four scraps of paper and a wooden plank. Put the paper in your inventory one by one. Put all of the scraps together in order to repair the note and then if you click on it you will be able to read the note. This note will tell you the process of growing Super Corn.
  • Head back to the Mine through teleport and then go into the cornfield again where you will need to follow the popcorn trail once again. Take the path right next to the yellow watering can and then follow that using the kernel trails. Then go onto the path next to the fertilizer, and then take the path by the hot sauce. You then want to head to the path by the Java beans.
  • There will be a stream and take out the wooden plank from your inventory and put this on the stream so you can cross it. Throw the kernels where the torches are and place them on a torch. If you climb up the ladder Herbert will be there, but he will be talking on a microphone and by the computer. Click Herbert to talk to him but hurry and unplug the computer when he is laughing.
  • Talk again to Herbert and then he will teleport you back to HeadQuarters with the popcorn popper. There will be time attached so you have to be quick.
  • Talk to both Rookie and Gary and Herbert will be on the monitors. Locate the green cabinet under the map and then click the yellow book in the middle of the books.
  • Click the gadget on the right of the map and there is a puzzle you need to solve. The cabinet doors open once you solve it and Dot will pop out. Talk to her and she will then teleport everyone out before the popcorn popper explodes. The PSA is finally done and that is it you completed the mission! You will get your final medal and reward for completing this mission and your job with the PSA is finally complete!

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