Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 10 Walkthrough

In Club Penguin, you have the option of becoming a Secret Agent. This entitles you to special missions and cool rewards. You can become a Secret Agent, also known as an Elite Forces member, regardless of whether you have the free membership to Club Penguin or the paid membership to Club Penguin. The Secret Agent missions are very fun and rewarding, but also can be confusing if you are not good at solving puzzles. We thought it would be a good idea to give you a walkthrough of Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 10, which is the “Waddle Squad.”

club penguin mission 10

In “Waddle Squad” your goal is to keep the golden Puffle safe and away from Herbert P. Bear. G just found this golden Puffle and he locked it away so that it would be safe from Herbert, but he is still trying to get at the golden Puffle. What makes this worse is that a Rookie let Herbert know where the golden Puffle was, so he is trying to get to the location and you need to stop him. You will find that Secret Agent Mission 10 is pretty involved and many friends you have made in this game will be there to help you out.

Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 10 Walkthrough:

  • The first thing you need to do is talk to G, who will be near Jet Pack Guy and Rookie. There is a solar panel to the right of G, and you need to take this and then put it into your inventory. ‘
  • You will need to teleport over to the Beach, and this is where you will notice Jet Pack Guy does not have his jet pack on. You will need to talk to him and then help him find fuel for his jet pack.
  • You will need to head into the Lighthouse and then take the barrel and place it into your inventory. The barrel will be on the right side of the red boat.
  • At this point, head back to the Beach and then tell Jet Pack Guy that you have cream soda. Give him the barrel you found in the Lighthouse. You will want to pour the left beaker into the middle beaker and then pour the middle one into the right one. Then, pour the right beaker into the left beaker, and then pour the middle into the right one. You want to then pour the left beaker into the middle one, and then pour the middle one into the right beaker. Lastly, you will need to pour the right beaker into the left one. You will know you did this part correctly when Jet Pack Guy flys away, and then you need to head over to the Dock.
  • The first thing you want to do is talk to the green penguin and ask him for some rope. Once he gives you the rope, you will need to put this into your inventory.
  • Head over to the Gift Shop through teleporting and then help the storekeeper who is trying to get setup for a sale. Take the pile of things, table, and box and place it all outside. Make the table sit on the right side of the store and then the two boxes will need to be placed on the table.
  • Go back into the Gift Shop and you will see Rookie, and you want to talk to him. Rookie will telly ou about the Magnet 3000 having issues and then take out your solar panel and put this on the power cord of the magnet. You want to then look at the circuit board and make a path between the three colored circles using soldering.
  • Head to the Night Club and get out the rope from your inventory. You want to put the rope on the pulley by the big light, and then click on the big red handle. You will notice it sparks and does not work when you pull the handle.
  • Get the wrench from your Spy Phone and then fix the winch. You want to click on the front so it will open, and then fit the gears on the spindles in order to fix it.
  • Then head back to the Dock, answer your Spy Phone when it rings as it will be Jet Pack Guy. He will tell you Herbert was at the Dock, then look and you will see Klutzy waving around a fake Herbert cut out.
  • Answer your phone when it rings again and it will be Rookie. Rookie will tell you Herbet is over at the Night Club and you need to head over there really quick. Head to the Night Club and this is when you will see Herbert with his hands on the golden Puffle.
  • Click the red handle and set the trap for Herbet, but it does not work. Click on Herbert and then your Spy Phone will ring. It will be Gary ordering all agents to move in. At this time, the Magnet 3000 will go through the wall because of the attraction to the golden Puffle.
  • Point the three spotlights on the solar panel, which gives more power to the magnet. The cage will then move and trap Herbert. That is the end of the mission. The golden Puffle is now safe and you will have also caught Herbert.
  • You will then collect your medal and reward for completing this mission successfully. You will get the same medal and reward whether you have the free membership or VIP membership, which is nice because the prize is well worth the time and energy put into this mission.

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