Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 1 Guide

Club Penguin is a very fun virtual world for children in which you can play in a winter-themed world with a free membership or paid membership. In Club Penguin one of the cool things you can do besides explore is you can become a Secret Agent, which is also known as an Elite Force member. Throughout the Secret Agent program, you will encounter various missions and quests that you need to complete in order to earn cool and high-value rewards. Some of these Secret Agent missions are not easy, so we thought it would be a good idea to help you through the missions by giving you a guide.


Whether you have a free membership to Club Penguin or a paid Club Penguin membership, you will be able to join the Secret Agent program and earn a lot of cool items for your penguin. Being a Secret Agent, no matter your membership, will also require you to complete each and every mission that is assigned to you, so there is no way of getting out of your duties. The first mission you will have to complete is “Case of the Missing Puffles” and you will need to find and rescue puffles that Aunt Arctic lost. Here is the guide for the first Secret Agent mission, which will help you progress in your mission and complete the challenge.

Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission 1 Guide

First Talk to Aunt Arctic- The first step in the “Case of the Missing Puffles” is you need to talk to Aunt Arctic. You can do this by clicking on her and then she will tell you she needs you to find her missing puffles. In this case, the missing puffles are green and purple.

Go to the Ice Rink– You will then need to begin your journey over to the Ice Rink, which you can do by using the Spy Phone or your map. Once you are at the Ice Rink you will need to move all the way to the right on the screen. You will need to look for photos that are on the ground and then pick them up. You will want to store these photos in your inventory.

Find Aunt Arctic- Once you have the photos you will need to find Aunt Arctic again because you need to give her the photos. You will find her at the Igloo.

Go to the Pet Shop– You want to head out to the Pet Shop and once you get there continue moving left on the screen. You will find a note that is attached to the puffle house roof, and this is the secret code you will need. On the bottom right of the screen you will need to click on the code and it will bring up the translator for you. You will always know what you need to decode because there will be a blank space in each note, so for this note look for the blank space and that is what you need the translator to decode.

Talk to “G”- You then want to head over to the Sport Shop so you can talk to “G” who will then help you. When “G” asks if you need help with something click on “yes” and then ask him if he has any special items. You want to then type in how many pairs of socks he owns, which is the answer from the code you decoded earlier on. Once you have the right answer to that question then you will need to ask him if you can see the spy items, and “G” will take you to where all of the Spy Items are located in the store.

Take the Life Preserver Shooter– The first thing you want to take is the Life Preserver Shooter and put that into your inventory. Then head over to the Iceberg and use that Life Preserver Shooter to help out the penguins that are stranded. When you do this though, you need to pay attention to what direction the wind is blowing and then aim based on that.

Talk to the Penguins– Once you have gotten the penguins to safety, you will want to talk to each of them, making sure you really talk to and listen to the green penguin. Once you do that, then go back over to the Sport Shop and grab the grappling hook. Make your way over to Ski Mountain and then click on the Spy Phone, which will be in your inventory.

Click on Red Light– You want to then click on your red blinking light which is on the Spy Phone and then you will get a bunch of tools that show up. You want to find the wrench and then click on it. You will need to repair the telescope using the wrench.

Look Through Telescope– Once you have used the wrench to fix the telescope, you want to look through it going left until you see the green puffle. The green puffle will be around the tallest mountains flying around, and then head over to the Tallest Mountain by using your map.

Use Your Grappling Hook– Once you are at the Tallest Mountain, use the grappling hook to get to the top of the mountain. You will then find both of the puffles Aunt Arctic is missing, the green and purple, and then take both puffles back to her. Once she has her puffles back, you will be rewarded with a medal of excellence and a thank you letter.

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