Club Penguin Safety Tips for Parents

Club Penguin is a very cool online virtual world for children where they can use their penguin avatar and go around finding adventures in a winter-themed world. You can go on Club Penguin and use a free membership in order to play the game or you can decide to get the paid membership for even more exclusives and offers. You can click here to get a free membership for CP.


A lot of parents might be wondering about how to keep their child safe while online in games like Club Penguin. There are many tips and rules that parents can follow to ensure their children are safe and having fun while playing Club Penguin and we thought it would be a good idea to let you know some of these tips and tricks. If you follow these tips and tricks for keeping your child safe online, you will feel more comfortable when they decide to spend their day playing Club Penguin, and will know overall more about safety online.

Club Penguin Safety Tips for Parents

Always Be Aware- As a parent, you need to be aware what your child is doing in Club Penguin at all times. Even though there are many filters and moderators on Club Penguin, there are some ways people can bypass these filters and could still try to cause trouble in the game or try to scam players. This includes just keeping tabs on your child and their uses of the internet. As a general rule, you should always know what websites your child is visiting and how long your child is on each website and the computer in general. Know who your child is talking to online, whether it is through the chat in Club Penguin or through other communication avenues. You also can install various filters on your computer and browser so that you can block the inappropriate websites and chats.

Engage Your Child- Your child will feel more comfortable with talking to you if there is an issue on Club Penguin if you engage with your child. This is especially true if you get the VIP membership over the free membership since the VIP membership has the broadest chat options available, which means an increase of things that could happen. This basically means sitting down with them on Club Penguin and talking to them about the game and the fun they are having. Act interested in Club Penguin and the things going on in the game, and ask questions if you want to know about a player or how things work in the game. Make sure you talk to your child during the first time they play the game about how you expect them to behave on the game and the consequences if they break those rules. The main thing is to act engaged while they are playing and then if something bad does happen, they will want to tell you about it so you can help them figure out what to do.

Always be Curious & Monitor– You need to be curious and monitor them on Club Penguin as well, which means set time limits for them when they are playing the game. If you tell your child they can only play Club Penguin for one hour a day then stick to this. You also want to make consequences in the real world if your child fails to follow the rules. Make sure the computer is also in a common area as well like the family room, which can help you monitor what your child is doing on Club Penguin. This will also make it less likely your child will engage in inappropriate behaviors if they know you can see the screen or walk by it at any time.

Know about Connected Devices– A lot of games like Club Penguin allow your child to also connect via a tablet or smartphone as well as the computer. You need to know about the possible options available that your child can play Club Penguin on, and then set rules if needed about these devices. Make sure that you block Club Penguin or other games on mobile if you do not want your child connecting through your mobile device or another mobile device. Also make it clear whether or not you want your child playing Club Penguin through tablets or smartphones as well. This is a good thing to do so they know the rules about where and when they can play, including during school and on the weekend.

Talk About Personal Information- If you would like to see your child have fun in Club Penguin, you need to also make sure they are safe online. This means that you need to talk to your child about online safety and what personal information is not allowed to be shared. This means you need to talk to your child about picking a username that does not share personal information. It is a good idea to sit down with your child in the beginning and help them choose a username.

You also want your child to know about passwords and how to keep passwords safe, which means your child should make sure they know to only share the password with you. Make sure your child knows not to give out the password to friends or other people, including those online, and make the password something that is not personal or have personal information in it. You also want to make sure your child knows about all types of personal information including schools, email, name, address, phone number, and other information. Your child needs to know about coming to you if someone is asking or requesting this information so you can help them get rid of these people from their game. It is also up to you to make sure they know the tools on Club Penguin such as reporting and blocking in order to keep these people away from Club Penguin and get them into trouble.

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