Club Penguin Rules & Types of Bans

Club Penguin is a really entertaining virtual world for kids where they use a penguin avatar in order to explore the winter world and play games. You can simply sign up for a free account or you can pay real money to have the VIP membership.

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Regardless of whether or not you use the free membership or paid membership, you can be banned from the game for not following the simple rules that staff has put into place for this game. We are going to tell you about those rules you need to follow in Club Penguin and if you do not follow the rules, the ban you could get as a result.

Club Penguin Rules & Ban Duration

No Inappropriate Language– When you are in the chat, you want to make sure you are chatting in an appropriate manner. You cannot use any bad language in the chat including cuss words or swear words, racist or homophobic language and language which is sexual in nature. You also cannot talk about drugs or alcohol in the chats because this is a game for children so the chat topics need to be appropriate for that group.

No Bullying- In Club Penguin, bullying is also not tolerated and it can get you into major trouble. This means that you should not be harassing another player online or try to force them to do something they don’t want to do, such as trade with you. You want to treat people with respect and treat them how you would want to be treated, which means no making fun of someone, bullying them or threatening them in any manner. If you see someone in the game bullying another player or yourself, report that player immediately, because Club Penguin has moderators that will look over conversations to see if any rules were indeed broken. You will not get into trouble if you report someone who turns out to not be in trouble, as it is better to be safe than sorry if you think someone is acting inappropriately.

No Cheating- In Club Penguin, you will get banned if you try to cheat or use hacks of any kind, including third-party software. Third-party software is anything that is not associated with Club Penguin and often times third-party software is used to gain an unfair advantage in the game, such as getting codes or items for free. Not only is it bad for your Club Penguin account, but downloading these third-party applications can also put your computer at risk because it could contain malware or a virus.

Do Not Share Personal Information- You also do not want to share personal information with anyone, even if someone in the game is your friend in real life. Personal information includes address, email address, real name, location, age, school or anything else that could be considered personal in nature. You also want to never share your login information online, including a username or password for Club Penguin or any other website. You also do not want to give out information about other people you know, because that is just as bad as giving out information about yourself, and it could lead to someone else becoming a target for a bad person.

Types of Bans in Club Penguin

Automatic Bans- You can be automatically banned in Club Penguin and this often times happens when inappropriate language is used and detected by the security system. You will be immediately banned and automatically logged out of the game. The automatic ban will last for 24 hours and you will get a notice that you have been banned so it would not be something you are not aware of once it happens.

Moderator-Applied Bans– Moderator-Applied bans are when a moderator decides to ban you for bad behavior or for breaking the rules. This could mean someone reported you for an infraction, and all of your conversations are then sent to the moderators. If you are found to be breaking the rules through your chats and conversations, even filtered out messages, you will be banned. The ban can be for 24-hours, 72-hours or permanently depending on what the offense was and whether or not you have been in trouble in the game before. It does not matter if you have a paid membership or free membership, a ban will happen if you break the rules regardless of your status in Club Penguin.

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