Club Penguin: Penguin of the Week Winners & Latest News

Club Penguin is a virtual world game that is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 15. This is a browser-based game where you run around in a winter-themed world with an avatar penguin. You can dress up your penguin, decorate your igloo home, chat with friends, go on missions, and explore the various islands in the game. There are also games you can play and some educational aspects of Club Penguin, including learning about social issues, animals, and the environment. Club Penguin is really one of the best games out there for children, especially since signing up for an account is so easy.

You can play Club Penguin on a free membership or you can get the VIP membership to Club Penguin. The Club Penguin paid membership gives you more benefits, such as more igloos, the ability to earn more Pet Puffles, free in-game currency, and special member-only parties and accessories. If you are not aware of the news, Club Penguin on the PC will be shutting down on March 29, 2017, to make way for the mobile game, Club Penguin Island. Club Penguin Island is going to be released soon on both iOS and Android, so make sure you sign up to pre-register to be notified as soon as Club Penguin Island hits the App Stores. Club Penguin is still up and running for now, so we wanted to tell you some of the latest news from the game.

One of the biggest parts of Club Penguin is the weekly Club Penguin of the Week winner, so we are going to tell you about that. Regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or a paid membership to Club Penguin, it is always good to be in the know on what is going on in the game.

Club Penguin: Penguin of the Week Winners & More News

Penguin of the Week– The first Penguin of the Week winner we wanted to tell you about was the winner from a couple weeks ago. We wanted to say congratulations to Gelado78208 who was nominated by Mi Christina. In the nomination, Gelado was said to be a very fun guy who is very generous with his time and always willing to help someone in need. He is an incredible friend and has contributed in many ways to Club Penguin and the community.

If anyone has a question, he is always there to help out and he is affectionate to everyone. Once again, we wanted to say congratulations to Gelado78208 for winning. He will get 10,000 gold coins and also the cool Penguin of the Week background.

Penguin of the Week Winner 2- The second Penguin of the Week winner we wanted to tell you about was from last week. The winner last week was Hollybell37, and she was nominated by Rosie0228. The nomination said that Hollybell is a very sweet penguin and is always standing up for penguins that are being bullied or picked on. She is always willing to help out if a penguin needs something and is very kindhearted. She is also willing to teach penguins things if they are not aware of something, and she is very supportive.

Remember, next week is the last week for the regular PC Club Penguin version of Penguin of the Week. There likely will be another incarnation of Penguin of the Week on the new mobile game, Club Penguin Island. We do not know when that will happen or what it will be like, but as soon as we know more about the new Club Penguin Island game and the Penguin of the Week contest we will let you know the details. Head over to Club Penguin and leave a comment if you want to nominate someone for the final Penguin of the Week contest.

The Beta Hat– Did you know that you right now can get the Beta Hat for free! The Beta Hat is legendary and a huge part of Club Penguin history. If you have pre-registered for Club Penguin Island, you will be getting this Beta Hat. You still have until March 28, 2017, to pre-register for Club Penguin Island to be able to get this free Beta Hat. You have to subscribe to a membership in order to get this item, though.

The history of the Beta Hat, if you do not know, is that it was an award some of the first Club Penguin players got back in the day. It first appeared in the game way back in September 2005 on Club Penguin, and the official name was the Party Hat. A lot of players called it the Beta Hat, thus that name stuck around. Even the Club Penguin staff now calls the Party Hat the Beta Hat. These hats now are a tradition with various colors of the hat being awarded to players during parties and anniversaries. Even though the Beta Hat is not that rare, other iterations of the Beta Hat, such as the Snow Beta Hat are rare. Did you know Sam the sasquatch even has a Beta Hat? This is a hat with a lot of history, so pre-register for Club Penguin Island in order to get your free Beta Hat.

National Panda Day– Did you know March 16 was National Panda Day? Well, it was and Club Penguin was definitely celebrating this holiday to raise awareness about pandas. Did you also know that Disney will be releasing a movie called Born in China? This movie will be released on Earth Day, and it will tell the story about different animal families that live in China. One of the families in the Born in China movie is a family of panda bears.

Of course, Club Penguin is raising awareness about pandas because of this movie, and there will be a Panda hoodie given to members. There will also be Earth Day emotes for everyone as well. You also will be able to download the new Born in China Activity Packet if you head to the Club Penguin website, which is pretty cool. The movie will hit theaters in the United States on April 21, so keep your eyes open for this cool and amazing movie coming to a cinema near you.

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